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"I can see the maudlin segment of tonight's binge is in full swing."
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March 10 2013

The Buffy theme in reverse. It works quite well (btw the show first aired 16 years ago today).

It becomes a curiously upbeat song.
gosh that makes me feel so old!
Wow. It is so much happier in reverse like this.
Really? You guys are getting "upbeat" and "happy" from that? To me it's slightly more sinister and creepy than playing it forwards! It was interesting though. Wouldn't mind hearing someone actually taking the chords and playing them in reverse order, rather than just "spinning the record backwards" like we have here, I wonder if that would work at all...
Happy 16 years to my favorite TV show of all time!
When you play it backwards there is a hidden message that says "Your favorite characters will end up getting killed."
LOVE the backwards theme! Making it my ringtone!
OK, so it turns out it was a bit too irritating for a ringtone. Still love the backwardsness of it all though! Agree with everyone who thought it's a more dark and sinister version.
Yes it is darker. Interesting. And, although I didn't discover Buffy until its 7th season, I still feel old.
Speaking of feeling old, I remember riding my bike over to a friend's house during a commercial break of Bad Eggs or some early episode to get homework stuff. I think I made it back in time. :D

Weird random Buffy-related memory of the day.
I agree it sounds darker and more sinister. Interesting premise, though.
Sounds a bit more Weezer-y. Not a terrible thing. Though this does invert Joss's intent with that organ chord. I didn't know until I watched the "Welcome to the Hellmouth" commentary that Joss meant even the title song to be a subversion of the genre: the spooky classic horror-movie organ immediately overpowered by the upbeat rock.

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