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March 10 2013

Eliza Dushku will be on AMC's Talking Dead tonight. Eliza will be joining Keegan-Michael Key and Walking Dead cast member Lauren Cohan to discuss tonight's new episode with host Chris Hardwick at 10pm.

Last week's episode was really good.
So was tonight's.
This show is just... so good. There really are no words. Eliza seems to be having a lot of fun. How do people end up on this show? Do they reach out as celeb-fans, are they friends of Hardwick or whoever produces it?
They also post a bonus segment for each episode on the Talking Dead website. It might not be up until tomorrow.
I was surprised by how Lauren Cohen dwarfed Eliza in height and size LOL....and by her accent. It's amazing the number of actresses in TV today hiding their accents.

Anyway, Eliza was a delight, no surprise there. She was fun and clearly knows the show pretty well. The whole cast seemed to hit it off. Knowing Hardwick, I wouldn't be surprised that he gets Eliza on the Nerdist podcast soon after this. Particularly since he's a Buffy fan
Lauren Cohen used her British accent on Chuck.
and on Supernatural
Oh I love watching 'the Talking Dead' (but I'm a little late getting around to it!), Eliza was a riot w/her story about The Governor copying Bill Clinton's accent. It is fun to see what a geek Eliza is.
Eliza was so much fun. I feel like she (and Keegan-Michael Key, actually) would be a blast to hang out with.

And she still looks amazing! Between her on Talking Dead and that picture of SMG with the Buffy cake where they both look almost the same as they did on Buffy, I feel really old. ;)
In the past, Chris Hardwick moderated a Dollhouse panel with Eliza and Tahmoh, so they're already familiar with each other at this point. I hope she does come on the podcast proper (instead of just a recording of a con panel). Eliza in a room with Chris, Matt and Jonah would be hilarious!
@velcos and redeem147
I always thought she was faking her accent on those shows, especially after watching The Walking Dead, where she has no accent at all.

I wouldn't go so far as to call Eliza a geek, she's just very geek friendly. I doubt she watches most shows that we'd call geeky though, Walking Dead just happens to be so popular now that EVERYONE watches it. I've always viewed Eliza as someone who appreciates the geek community, because she has so many fans there, but isn't actually a geek herself. Kind of like how Sara loves Chuck (on the show Chuck) despite having no geekiness in her at all. I guess I could be wrong though
Of course I don't know much about either Eliza or SMG, but Eliza has made movies w/Kevin Smith (who is a giant Geek), and has maintained a friendship w/both Kevin and Joss. So I just assumed some level of geeky love; I don't think Sara ever had that kind of geek cred.

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