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March 11 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar with a Buffy cake. The picture was taken this Saturday at Duff's Cake Mix. More pictures here.

Thanks to Jo.

That is super cool. And shocking...Sarah Michelle Gellar...with something...Buffy related?! In 2013?!?! Haha. Man, just look at her. She is and always will be Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Good stuff.
Yummy! Oh, and the cake looks good too.
Why did this happen? Why the cake?

Really cute though. Love Sarah. Love Buffy.

And that guy on the picture with her is really cute too.
The only thing that I disagree with is this statement:

"Perhaps this is why the trope of the sleeping woman persists, despite efforts to shut it out; its most recent appearances include Pedro Almodóvar’s “Talk to Her,” Julia Leigh’s “Sleeping Beauty,” and Anne Rice’s “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty,” among many other works. The upright, brainy female, physically commanding and a bit unhinged, is less of a crowd-pleaser."

Judging by the popularity of The Hunger Games, the Millennium trilogy and Buffy, all mentioned in the article, that's not really true, and the examples of the Sleeping Beauty mentioned in the article are hardly a case for their immense popularity (Django Unchained doesn't count, since I don't believe that Hildy and her rescue is one of the top reasons why people like the movie).
I think you meant to post this in the other thread.
I want that cake for my birthday! Sarah doesn't really age does she? She looks great!
Daaaaaaaw... that is adorable. Brilliant work on that cake, that's some real talent I reckon. And yes, she doesn't look like she's aged a day. Seriously, check to see if Freddie might have given her the One Ring when he proposed.
I was gonna say the same thing, benisglory! She looks terrific.

The cake is awesome too.
Donnie, I don't know how this happened, but I'm guessing the why is that the first episode of Buffy aired on March 10th 1997. So I'm guessing this is a cake celebrating the tv show's 16th birthday.
Awww, that cake is the BOMB!
SMG looking awesome as always! Oh, and yeah, I guess that cake is pretty cool too lol Would really love to know the whole story on this. Was it a cake he made just for fun and SMG just happened to see it? Is she a regular customer who he made it for or at least knew she would potentially come in and see it? Very curious to know how/why this all came to be.
I initially read the title of this as "Sarah Michelle Gellar with a Buffy stake" -- which I think is a fairly defensible error, considering the context -- and so was initially confused by the picture. "That stake isn't gonna dust anything," I thought. But then, I mostly clicked through to see if she was smiling or not -- and she is!
The creator of the cake said this in the Instagram comment thread regarding the cake's origin and SMG's appearance: "it was a display cake I made for the Buffy fan page that my work asked me to do. Then she just happened to come in. Just the right thing at the right place at the right time. Faith. Lol" That's just amazing! Lovely moment and Sarah is so gracious to pose and looks genuinely happy to do so. Love her!
Jonnathan, thanks for posting that. I had looked at the comments on the pictures but didn't see where he had said that...whoops. What an awesome moment of pure, lovely happenstance.
Umm, Sarah's not even 36 yet; in my experience, most women haven't started to age much by then. Also, she seems to have her face on, although the only real "flaw" in her rare "stars w/o makeup" shots is red circles under the eyes.

As for the coincidence, I love it. It almost qualifies as irony.

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