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March 11 2013

Joss Whedon's Shakespearean road trip for 'Much Ado'. The L.A. Times covers Bus Ado: "Number two was not permitted." We also have SXSW screening reports and reviews from The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, "Alexis Denisof is a smashing Benedick; he lets the words drip off his tongue like bile, and pulls off his many soliloquies merely by seeming like the kind of guy who loves nothing more than the sound of his own voice", "the real joy of this version are the little guys [...] they all take advantage of delightful small moments to fill Shakespeare's words and Whedon's film with soul", "Acker exudes such charm and grace, it's impossible not to fall in love with her", "a whimsical, enchanting and laugh aloud adaptation",

"See it, fall in love with it, then meet up with me so we can dish. Much Ado About Nothing is a triumph of charm and wit, going down so pleasantly that we very easily forget how astonishing it is that it actually exists"

Tired of reading? Take in these red carpet pics at

I wish I could have been there, but I'll settle for seeing Much Ado as soon as it comes out in June :) Also, is it horrible that my big takeaway from these articles is that Clark Gregg is married to Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame?
I already think of her as Jennifer Grey of In Your Eyes fame. They're a Whedonesque power couple!
Um, I think you mean Jennifer Grey of Ferris Bueller's Day Off fame.
I am just so excited to know how Roger Ebert will feel about the film.
I figured that I could wait for the end of June to see this...
Now I'm being tempted go to the Wisconsin Film Festival to see it sooner.

Edit: For the LA Times article, it opened with "That was the greatest thing that happened for geeks ever.Ē What BG moment were they discussing? (And astronauts will win over cavemen.)

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OneTeV, that's what I wanted to know as well. To open with a line like that and then not tell what they were talking about is a bit disappointing.

All these reviews are making me so excited. I think I have watched the trailer about 10 times by now.
I finished looking over the reviews that Caroline linked. I find it interesting that the ComingSoon reviewer thought the leads (Acker, Denisof) were a weakness, while most of the others found them to be the strength. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. And that everyone has a right to an opinion (except mine is right and yours is wrong).
It's great to see it so well received. But now I really want someone to explain the rules to Running Flip Cup Charades...
Bluelark, Brian and Nick reveal all about Running Flip Cup Charades in this podcast. Skip to about 4:25 -- it sounds awesome :)
That LA Times article is annoying. Too many tidbits raised and not explained! What did they say about BSG & The Evil Dead? Complex charades? Improvisational Shakespeare troupe? I would like to know those things. :)
I'm not sure if it fits with this discussion, but if you want to see the Q&A panel from after the movie, I just posted part one and part two on youtube.
Thank you, I was watching part one yesterday and was hoping part two would go up soon. I'll link to these on the front page once I watched part two.

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