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March 11 2013

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse Season 9 Solicitations for June. There's details for Buffy #22, Angel & Faith #23, Willow: Wonderland trade and the Buffy story in Dark Horse Presents #25.

Ooh, I like the Jeanty cover, for a change. And it's great to have Captain Peroxide back, natch. He has been sorely missed.
I am actually shocked and delighted to see Spike there.... And that Georges cover belongs on my wall.
So apparently there is a Buffy story in Dark Horse Presents as well. The cover has Buffster on it, and in another article on newsarama they mention a Buffy story.
I hope that A&F covers is one that reflects events in the book cos I wanna see Angel and Faith fight demons on top of Big Ben!

Hmmm, time travel. But who is writing the Buffy story?
AWESOME COVERS ! I can't wait to see all of these !
Well, no. The Willow cover is not that great (they didn't get an original artwork for the TPB, too bad) ! But the rest is incredible.
Great covers. Jeanty's cover is amazing.
@jelly - Where did you see the article on newsarama?
@Simon I heard Jane Espenson would be writing this. Not sure at all, though.
@A_Leaf-My bad, it's actually just in the first paragraph of the story that is linked in the article.
Espenson tweeted a few months back after the release of her "Billy" arc that she had turned in a Buffy Season 9 script. I guess it could be the story in DHP #25. Allie also mentioned in last month's issue that there would be a separate story about Billy, and since it doesn't sound like there's going to be much space to explore more Billy-centric stories, this could very well be where they're giving us that story.
absolutely LOVE those covers, so amazing!
Getting excited and anxious for the finale arc for both series, and already stoked for season 10 :)
Hee, Buffy looks younger than Billy on Morris' cover
That's a beautiful cover by Georges. I love the contrast between Buffy in shadow and Spike in the light. I also find both of their expressions moving. I look forward to any story that can do justice to that picture.
I don't think Steve Morris' cover for A&F has either Billy or Buffy on it - just Angel in vampface and Pearl. As all of his covers this one is stunning and probably gives a hint at where the mutants of the Frayverse come from. Dawn is pretty stunning on the Noto's cover. And Spike is sort of walking away from Buffy who is in her 'Dark place' on Jeanty's.

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@dorotea- I think they are referring to the cover for Dark Horse Presents.

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