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March 11 2013

Slayer Hater, the new song of the Buffy Big Bads by Karuna Tanahashi . Karuna Tanahashi keep presenting new songs to the Buffy Big Bads. She has given us such great songs as Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?, You Renegade Vamp and Ooh Mr Mayor, among others, and this time Faith gets her song. It's rather Hip Hop-rhytm'n'blues-funk-ish.

I'd say it is great as usual and the best produced video so far.

While the song wasn't really my cuppa tea, it was at least well put together and definitely done with fan-love; gotta respect that.

BUT the real reason I felt the need to comment was the quote on the page when I clicked on the video was just too perfect: "You get the Watcher. You get the mom. You get the little Scooby gang. What do I get? Jack squat!" lol
This is definitely MY cup of tea! So funny, and fun. I've liked Karuna Tanashashi's past songs but I agree w/Satai that this is definitely her best video. This is a love song for all of us who felt that Faith got a raw deal!
that was brilliant! loved it - great song!

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