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March 11 2013

True Heroes : A Buffyverse/Dr Who tribute. A worth-watching video about Buffy, Angel and the tenth doctor. Can definitely see why people compare these shows.

That'a quite nicely done. Makes me even more excited for the return of Doctor Who...

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I'm almost done with Season 2 of Doctor Who. I love it, don't get me wrong, but Buffy and Angel are still a lot better. I love me some big arcs to a show, not just monster of the week episodes. Just my two cents.
No argument there,'s just that I never really watched sci-fi until a friend talked me into checking out Firefly; now I call it my "gateway drug" to sci-fi! When I finished Serenity, Buffy and Angel filled the void it left. And when I was done with those, I found BSG, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Walking Dead, even Sugarshock!, Fray, and on and on. Firefly literally opened up a whole new world for me. So although Doctor Who will never quite be Joss material (especially now that the Tenth Doctor is gone), I'm still excited it's coming back around for another season :)
Only 18 days until the new episodes start!! So excited! I wonder if Moffat will answer some questions during this next batch (seriously, who blew up the TARDIS?)
Ahh, DW is good. Watched 7 episodes in a row this Sunday. It's not Whedon, but it's getting pretty damn close comparing to all the other shows out there
I enjoy Doctor Who, but it just hasn't got the depth for me that Buffy had. The MoW is usually just that, a Monster. With BtVS the monster was almost always a metaphor for the real story of the week.
And far too many resolutions pulled out of thin air, like the otherwise tragic and heartbreaking Donna ending involving her just pressing lots of buttons and spouting technobabble to defeat the Daleks and then more technobabble to explain why she couldn't live as she was. Buffy sending Angel to hell at the end of S2 was far more heartbreaking but also inevitable in hindsight. She had to do it, and once you saw it you knew that's what she had to do.
DW is less satisfying because rarely as a viewer can you work out the ending, or even realise the ending made sense once you'd seen it. It was just technobabble. The Jesus Doctor defeating the Master came out of nowhere and his emo trip before turning into 11 made me want to throw things at my TV.
Moffatt is one of the few writers I rate alongside Joss, mainly for Coupling and his DW episodes like Blink, Empty Child/Doctor Dances, Girl In The Fireplace, but his time as showrunner has been less stellar. Bringing back the Angels was IMHO a huge mistake. Like the Matrix sequels it took something perfect and amazing and diluted it.
Wow Ive never really wanted to watch Dr Who (childhood trauma of my dad making us all watch it lol) but now I do! and I love that Giles quote they didn't play at the end.
I watched the first episode of DW. I watched the first Daleks (in the real second series) from behind the sofa. It's practically part of my DNA. But the reboot could never have happened without Buffy, and it shows in all sorts of ways - including the shippiness that never existed with the first seven Doctors, and the structure of the episodes. And the season arcs, which are there though not so clearly as in Buffy.

BtVS has my heart. The Doctor is part of me.
yup! enjoyed that, makes sense David Tennant is a huge fan of Firefly too.
There's no need to choose. As Gill pointed out, Russell T Davies enjoyed Buffy & used some of its techniques in the "new" Who. We'll always have Buffy & Angel--and for all his new successes, I still hope to see Joss use the long-form storytelling afforded by a TV series.

With his 50th anniversary coming up, the Doctor will continue to be heroic--in his many guises. (And I like Moffat just fine--the third series of Sherlock begins filming next week!)
I've loved the Doctor much longer than I've loved Buffy, and I love them both differently. Beautiful video.
I love them all in a quite similar way and it makes sense, that Russell T Davies was influenced by Joss. Discovering Doctor Who has been a treat so far. Started watching season 5 recently and have high hopes, since Moffat wrote most of the best episodes so far, which zz9 pointed out. I'll probably even catch up with some classic Who, when I'm through, because I read somewhere that Douglas Adams was also involved at some point. How cool is that?
Generally the Doctor is a great character. He doesn't sound like a hero by definition, because he's primarily just a traveler and shouldn't interfere, but he'll still save everyone's life, when he's somewhere in the vicinity...
And that video will make me dream of a Buffy/Angel/Doctor-Who-Crossover, which would be out of this world. I'd like to see Buffy fight the sobbing angels or the 10th Doctor take on the First Evil. :) Pure gold there!
Heh. It's funny timing for me to watch this. As after having seen Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker in Much Ado About Nothing I Googled the play only to discover that there's ANOTHER modern day version of it starring David Tennant AND Catherine Tate, which I of course then subsequently downloaded. So as if it wasn't amusing enough to see a version with Wesley and Fred I got to watch the same roles performed by The Doctor and Donna!

(And boy is it weird to watch those two suddenly getting in romantic entanglements! Including a big kiss at the end! LOL!)

So maybe someday the person who made this could make a follow up comparing Angel, Doctor Who and the two versions of Much Ado!

Of course Joss's is better. Though it is surprising to see how good Catherine Tate is at delivering Shakespearean lines. And it's also rather nice that David Tennant gets to act with his natural Scottish accent in it for once! (He was better as Hamlet though..)

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I've just gotten myself into Doctor Who, because I always hear such good things about it, and it's definitely lived up to all the hype! I loved the first season, and the second season is alright so far. But like someone already pointed out, the show is very "monster of the week" for the most part, and I prefer long arcs. Still, a great show, and it hits emotional highs that most shows can't bring me to (besides Joss' shows)!
Love The Doctor, especially #10...but it's much more of an action episodic series with just some development of arcs and depth. There's a deliberate attempt to appeal to youth, to be a 'family' show and that tends to cause some widely varying stories and themes. Better than most, but not in Buffy's league. Then again, not much is. ;-)

The vid did a nice job of capturing the elements that did cross over.
I've been a fan of Doctor Who since I was kid watching the Tom Baker episodes on PBS.

The new series has had some stellar episodes... "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," "The Girl in the Fireplace," "Blink," "Human Nature/Family of Blood," "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead." And the twist toward the end of the third season was phenomenal... still makes skin crawl the way that played out... (Don't want to give it away, but a certain *familiar* object is found that turns an otherwise ordinary episode on its head)

I do, unfortunately, have to agree that the Matt Smith/Steven Moffat era has been a bit of letdown. And the Angels get worse and worse each time they're brought back. In "Blink" they were mysterious and terrifying, the stuff of nightmares, but each time Moffat has brought them back he's given them more abilities and altered their nature to fit the storyline, and that has diluted their impact.

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Bringing back iconic monsters is kind of a thing in the show, I guess? I'm personally not very fond of the Daleks and Cybermen coming back all the time. Maybe that's because I didn't watch from the beginning. I was actually looking forward to seeing more of the angels, but now I will adjust my expectations...
But I liked some of the stand-alone Buffy episodes best (Hush!), so I don't mind them in Doctor Who either. Also, it's much more of a family show, but it can still get kind of creepy.
I loved this. I think Doctor Who is brilliant and the 10th Doctor is definitely my favorite so I loved seeing parallels drawn between my favorite fandoms (if Supernatural had been in there too it would have been complete for me). The only thing I was like, "eh" was the choice of voiceover for the doctor at 4:13 because without the context of the Doctor being temporarily human, the voiceover doesn't make much sense. Other than that, I thought it was well constructed.

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