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March 12 2013

Watch the Much Ado About Nothing panel at SXSW. The transcript of Joss and co answering questions was posted the other day but now you can watch the panel in two parts. The second, and much longer, part can be found here.

Big thanks to mossome for recording the panel.


But I won't be able to watch right now I think...
The interviewer is the Joss Whedon of panel moderators.

Handling that many panelists is incredibly difficult and he does it amazingly quietly and effectively.
Fun panel. Really appreciate Alexis reaction to the comment about the gratitude from English Teachers.

I feel for the poor fan who lost it through emotion/fatigue. I fear that should I ever be lucky enough to meet Joss in person I have exactly the same reaction.
Thank you so much! It makes such a difference to see all the interaction and silliness, just reading a transcript is really only half the fun. And I agree w/technovamp, the moderator did a great job of allowing everyone on stage to have a moment.
Thank you so much for posting this! It was great to actually watch the panel. So much love for Nathan!
Thank you so much for posting this! It was a fabulous watch. Thirding the comments about the moderator - he did a great job. Tom Lenk is just a tiny comedic genius, I'm glad he got to shine.

I haven't watched/read too many other Q&As so maybe someone can tell me if this has been asked, but one thing I found myself wanting was a chance for Amy and Alexis to talk about their relationship as actors and how it felt to revisit their wonderful chemistry with two characters so incredibly different from Fred and Wesley. I think that's one of the most delightful aspects of a (very!) delightful ensemble cast, so I'd like to hear their thoughts on it. Nevertheless, a wonderful panel!
Insightful answers to some of the questions. I feel blessed I am able to see so many wonderful interviews, video and print, here. I could listen to Joss talk about Shakespeare all the live long day, well, all the live long month. And read the telephone book too, whatever he was up for.
exsequar, I had the same reaction about Amy and Alexis. They were sitting center stage and I kept waiting for someone to ask that exact question, and as the time wound down I realized it wasn't going to happen.

So I second the request: Has anyone heard any interviews or other panels where they discuss working together again since Angel? (They didn't have any scenes together in Dollhouse, right?)

Otherwise, great panel. I find myself wanting to spend time with these people...
I just found such an interview myself...

It's on and is an interview with Nathan, Clark and Alexis in which the interviewer asks Alexis specifically about working with Amy again in light of their coupling on Angel.

The question starts at about 4:45 and goes to 6:15:

...but the whole interview is great. It's about 16 minutes long.

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Thanks for sharing that StalwartTrue! I'm really glad someone asked that question.
Wow, great find StalwartTrue! Thank you! This was a really nice interview with three of my favorite Whedonesque men.
Should I post it to the main page? So people not in this post can find it?
I think so. I would have hated to miss this one.
Thank you so much for hunting that down, StalwartTrue! I knew I couldn't be the only one itching to know about that.

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