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March 12 2013

Fran Kranz to guest star on 'The Good Wife'. As first reported by

Great news. The Good Wife is the best drama on broadcast television right now.
Yes, The Good Wife is a fantastic show, certainly one of the best on the air right now. Great news indeed.
Awesome, "The Good Wife" is my favorite drama on TV (with "Spartacus"). Good for Fran.
So much praise for this show, I've never seen it. I tend to shy away from anything that that combines the words "CBS" and "Drama" but I might have to give this a go.
@Jelly : Yes, I usually hate those CBS dramas as well, but The Good Wife is very different, it has incredible writing and wonderful characters.
It's also not your typical legal show, there are very important arcs throughout the season and all the episodes are connected.
Remember, Amy Acker guested on the Season 1 finale and it was wonderful. Glad Fran will be on such an awesome show!
I don't usually do CBS dramas either, but I adore The Good Wife! When my fiance and I first started watching it, we'd describe it to friends as a sort of adult Veronica Mars scenario -- when the series starts, the main character's only just lived through an awful public humiliation, and the first episodes are about her beginning to rebuild herself by tracking down the truth behind the scandal. The show veers away from that storyline after the first season, but the characters continue to be worth caring about.

Also, I just realized I've never seen Fran in a non-Whedon production (although I love him dearly in Dollhouse, Cabin, and that amazing/tearjerking music video w/ Mo Tancharoen). Can't wait to see him in this!

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