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March 13 2013

An interview with Charisma Carpenter. In which she riffs on Supernatural, compliments Sarah Michelle Gellar and sings Joss' praise.

She said some very lovely things. I'd love to see the reunions and spin-off she proposes. :)
What an awesome interview. I've heard things about Charisma not having a lot of love for Joss over the years, but I feel like that interview disproved a lot of that.
Great article and loved to see the praise for SMG and Joss. After eight years of not-so-steady work for alot of the Buffyverse actors - I would imagine they all feel something like this 'cept maybe David and Aly as they have long running shows although I dont really like either of those shows (Bones was OK from S2-S4)
Always a treat to hear from her.

And I'm definitely giving up on _the Lying Game_; between the snowy picture and my hearing problem, I had no idea it was about twins, so I'm not following it even when I watch. Plus half the time I can't tell Rebecca from the daughters.

And a spinoff of the witch couple from _Supernatural_? Between them they murdered a quarter of the town because they were in a snit with each other. I know "ambiguous leads" is the current in-thing, but that would be tearing the back off it.
For some years I grumbled about my mother -- her quirks and foibles. Then I went off to college and gradually realized that not everyone had mothers they could trust. I hadn't known how lucky I was until I compared notes. I think I'm beginning to see that same phenomenon with some folks who initially were less content with Joss...
I love these sort of interviews where they talk about the technical aspects of what happens behind the scenes. Stuff like trying to get the right take, what it's like to work with different writers, etc, all of that information is so fascinating to me.
METAI; Interesting viewpoint. ALthough from what I understand of Charisma's case, it started with the bigwigs getting in "a state of miff" with her.

Heck, I can wait for the _True Hollywwood Story_ episodes on these shows.
A state of milf with her?

Oh, behave yourself!
Okay, so why isn't there a Modern Family episode yet of her as "the American version of Sofia Vergara?"
Dana5140: Ha. Ha. You're such a kidder!

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