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March 13 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #19. It's the conclusion of the "Welcome to the Team" arc.

It seems exciting issues are coming! I like this one, but as always it feels too short and now we have to wait a month to see what happens.
I agree with it going by too quickly, although we got some great emotion in those pages. Finally, something to sink our teeth into. Also, I love the idea of Simone pushing herself to become the one vampire Buffy can't slay. Very a very Whedon-y issue.
Yeah, the issue was definitely too short.

I just noticed today that the first pages are free in the digital preview
This actually felt very, very much like a Buffy tv episode, mostly that shout out in the roof. Real human bings being humanly irrational havinag all a point that cant be resolved in an easy wraped message or moral lesson, where right and wrong disapears into the insolvable gray of point of view.
I LOVED this issue. It was worth reading, and the art was WAY better than in the previous issues, although not as good as in the first issues of the season.
Next month ... Xander ! Why do we have to wait a month ? WHY ?! So crual.
Pretty good issue, one of the better issues of the season. Makes sense that the speculations regarding Dawn seem to be coming to light.

Regarding Illyria-Am I right in assuming that she is still Illyria even though she looks like Fred? She doesn't seem to be acting like Fred.
@Darkness, I agree. This was the first time reading the comics I actually heard SMG and Nick Brendon in my head.
I have my copy of Buffy # 19.The conclusion of "Welcome To The Team."

I thought this issue was a strong issue and this was a strong arc overall.Probably one of the stronger ones in Buffy this season.

First of all.The council really didn't prove useful and came off cowardly.Plus Koh still doesn't get what he wants.I'm wondering what type of payoff they'll be on that if any this season.For that matter,Remember all the mystery around Buffy's mysterious neighbor?Nothing ever came of that and early on Scott sure seemed to make it seem like there was something interesting coming there unless that was only supposed to be a red herring for the pregnancy plot.

Anyway.Illyria.It's pretty freaky seeing basically Fred's form walking around in the leather.I'm curious about Spike's reaction when he returns.I find it a bit disconcerting so I can imagine he would too.I have to admit,I can see why the speculation of Spike having his demon burnt out by Severin and being left mortal has increased after this issue in regards to what we see with Illyria.And it does make me wonder if a part of Fred's soul is still there despite Illyria and everyone believing it isn't.I will also admit if that does happen and Spike becomes mortal via Severin I'll be pretty disappointed for reasons/concerns of a topic that we try to avoid here.

I also liked Illyria's dynamic with Buffy in this issue.More and more I do wonder how much Joss was planning to write for Illyria this season since he was saving her for himself.Was Joss originally going to write this arc only or the finale or both?

The Billy/Anaheed reveal was given away in the preview pages.I do wonder if there is more to it than Anaheed just watching Buffy's back in secret.Can't wait for Buffy's reaction.

As many guessed,that stronger zompire was part of Simone's crew and Simone's plan has shades of Adam from season 4 IMO.I think Simone's plan is on the lame side and still feel both her and Severin are the weakest big bads Buffy's ever had.They just seem so small potatoes and not terribly interesting.Severin's powers seem a gimmick IMO and I this team up with Simone is so eh.

Whistler over in Angel & Faith runs rings around both and even Pearl and Nash work better as lackeys.I sort of see Whistler as the big bad in A & F and Pearl and Nash as the little bads in the Amy and Warren role for Twilight last season.

The meat of the issue was the Dawn plot and the confrontation between Xander and Buffy.I'm glad Buffy agreed with trying the bot idea even though we knew it wouldn't work.I'm actually thankful it just not worked and didn't make things worse for Dawn.

The key/mystical energy reveal was a long time coming and there was much speculation on that after Buffy S8 # 39 came out.So it's not a surprise but I can sort of by it be a gradual thing instead of Dawn just fading away/dying instantly after the seed was destroyed.Jeez,I remember speculation about Dawn's keyness coming into play as far back as after season 5 so it was about time and the situation as Illyria described for why this is happening works for me.

The Xander/Buffy showdown was intense but was long expected all season and Buffy seeing signs of Xander PTSD was also due.There is much debate about the confrontation.I won't get into any of that.I'll just say that I feel for both of them in this situation.The most important thing now though is to try to work together to save this person they both love so much.And I'm glad that seems to be the indication at the end of the issue with Buffy and Xander departing together even if Xander is angry with Buffy.

I'm going to throw this out there.Does anybody think season 9 will end sort of like season 4,Angel season 4,After the Fall and season 8?Where the main arc ends a episode/issue early and the last issue of the season is a coda(Restless,Home,ATF #17,S8 # 40).After this arc,it feels like to me anyway that issue 25 being a coda issue might be warranted.

So very strong finish to this arc and a strong arc a whole.
I also wonder if it's possible Fred's soul is present. I REALLY wish Fred would return, she was my favorite character from angel.

Also the spike theory..that could be interesting for sure.
Wow, this issue really blew me away... finally, the team has come together again, the plot is clear, and the stakes are very high!
I cannot wait for Willow to show up, which I assume she has to do quickly! (I was looking forward to the Dawn/Buffy/Bot hybrid though).
Good issue. Why can't the comics always be like this?
I'm so happy that my reaction mirrors a lot of the fans here. I also felt like this was BY FAR the strongest issue to this point. I could hear TV Buffy and Xander's voices. It felt like a Whedon episode. The Big Bad's motives reveal was awesome. It's all starting to come together! Can't wait to see what happens next...(and I had started to lose hope.)
Did anyone notice how old Buffy's cell phone looks? I wonder if this is a reference to the way the timeline supposedly played out with season 8 starting ~1.5 years after the season 7 finale in 2003, making season 9 take place 2007-8 at latest.
Yeah, I'll agree that this was a really strong issue. Season nine took a nosedive with the "I'm not pregnant, I'm a robot" twist and hasn't recovered until now. I hope this keeps up until #25.

Not sure what's going on with Fred/Illyria, whether we'll see Fred return, or just have Illyria stuck in a powerless human body.
It was good and all too brief.
Did anyone notice how old Buffy's cell phone looks? I wonder if this is a reference to the way the timeline supposedly played out with season 8 starting ~1.5 years after the season 7 finale in 2003, making season 9 take place 2007-8 at latest.

But Tumble wouldn't be making "50 Shades of Grey" references in 2007-8. I think Buffy just has an old, cheap cell phone because she can't afford a smartphone and $100/month data plan.

If Dawn survives this season, I *really* hope we'll get a storyline in which she finally confronts her "Key-ness" and finds out what it's all about. The Key must have had some useful purpose other than "avoid getting captured by Glory" and "maybe destroy the world." Otherwise, why would the Order of Dagon have gone to such lengths to preserve it? Why not just destroy it, like the Knights of Byzantium wanted to do?

Illyria thinks being drained of her powers should have killed her, yet she's alive and in Fred-face. I think there is a better than average chance that's because Fred's soul is still in there somewhere, despite all we've been told by various unreliable sources.
I tend to agree with the theories that there may be a chance that a part of Fred's soul or some significant part of her rests there within Illyria. I remember back when the show ended Amy Acker, I believe, discussed how eventually Fred would have returned a la part of her still remaining within Illyria and taken control of her body and retained Illyria's strength and badassery. I'm hopefully remembering correctly what she said, but it would match up with what could be happening here. Also, a similar thing happened with Gunn. J. August Richards said shortly after the show ended that he was to be turned into a vampire in the battle behind the Hyperion. And then in "After the Fall" he goes vampire. Perhaps, Joss is sticking with some of the major plans he had for these characters, but who knows?
I would think that if Joss had a broad plan for these characters that there's a good chance that he would at least incorporate some of those plans into these stories.
Season 9's back on track, eh? Surely feels that way. Long time coming, but this is the first issue I can say I truly and completely enjoyed since I can't even remember. I did roll my eyes when both Buffy and Xander went "The Key!", though. Yes, doofuses, "The Key". Duh! But it was a good eye-rolling ;)
AndrewCrossett:The Key must have had some useful purpose other than "avoid getting captured by Glory"

This made me lol :)
How dare Xander... Buffy gave her life for Dawns... literally! She gave her life the world TWICE!!! Not to mention dedicate her whole life to protecting it... if Xanders mad at anyone... he should be mad at himself. He always searches for doomed romances and the one that could've worked out.... he ruined! He's as selfish as Willow sometimes and maybe that's because Buffy is so selfless... OH and Buffy never would've boned angel if XANDER AND WILLOW LEFT HER IN HEAVEN!!!
"i gave EVERYONE more time." i heard SMG's voice breaking. totally dug this issue!
@wiqqido Me too! That was the moment where I got chills.

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