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March 13 2013

Which TV shows would you donate to for a movie version? runs a fan friendly poll in light of today's Veronica Mars news.

No option for Wonderfalls? Silly EW.
I would donate money for a lot of those. Especially if I got a dvd of the movie in return (because that is how kickstarter campaigns would be). But I would give more money for Buffy or Firefly than any of the others.

@RayHill: Oh yeah. Wonderfalls would be at the top of my list. Even above Firefly.

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The news about Veronica Mars kickstarter project made my day, amazing news and I loved the video! I really enjoyed this series, I have to watch it again :)

My three choices would be, in this order:
1. Pushing Daisies
2. Buffy
3. Chuck

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Honestly, Pushing Daisies and Gilmore Girls (assuming original creative team is behind it) are probably my top 2. Buffy had a full, fantastic run; Firefly I'd mostly want to see return as a TV show (and already got a pretty amazing shot at a movie).

Technically Gilmore Girls fulfills the "full, fantastic run" requirement too, but I need to know what those damn four final words are!!
That Veronica Mars promo video is fun. I'd donate if I could.

But, Veronica Mars, yay! It's definitely, maybe, almost certainly going to happen.
Well, Firefly and Buffy obviously. I'd say Angel, but don't think it would be the same without Fred, Wes and Lorne.

I'd love to have a film of The Inside. In case you don't follow Tim Minear on Facebook, he posted a link to ALL of the episodes on YouTube (saying he approved) and I watched all of them this last weekend. What a treat. Best procedural, unique really, apart from a few serial killer arcs on CSI: Vegas and Criminal Minds. And what a cast. It is fun to contemplate where it might have gone.
I would still love to see a Buffy moive(with both the Buffy and Angel cast) but I think that time has passed and frankly with the season 8,9 and upcoming 10 comics,there probably isn't as much urgancy for one.Joss is getting to continue Buffy's story there.

Although that wouldn't mean I wouldn't jump for joy if a movie did happen.
I'm so glad that this isn't the sequel to Serenity... I would be out so much money right now.

I would love to see a movie adaption of Season 8!
Yes, Tonya J, big fan of the Inside. Tim posting all the episodes on YouTube makes me feel a little less guilty for torrenting them a couple years ago, too...
Today's Veronica Mars news? A possible Veronica Mars film! How did I manage to miss that? Very, very cool! God how I hope this actually gets made.

@Jobo Have you seen Bunheads (the new series by the Gilmore Girls creators)? If not I recommend you give it a try. I've just watched the first seven episodes over the weekend and for me as a fan of Gilmore Girls they were wonderful. Its very Gilmoresque and there are a lot of familiar faces.
I absolutely loved the video they put up for Veronica Mars; seeing so many favorite actors there made it hard to resist donating to the kickstarter campaign. Now if Firefly was raising money on kickstarter there would be no resisting. I would donate serious money (ten years ago I devoted countless hours to letters and postcards to the network... sigh). Do you think Fox would ever consider it? What is wrong with them?
1. Firefly
2. Terriers
3. Profit
garryager, your list is amusing because it probably would end in profit, too.
Wow, the deluxe donation packages for the Veronica Mars Kickstarter are disappearing fast. They'll be past $2 million by the end of the day at this rate.

I wonder how receptive Fox would be to a project like this. Warner Bros. certainly seem to be completely on board with the Veronica Mars thing. To anyone's knowledge, has Fox ever participated in a Kickstarter campaign like this?
Honestly, if the Veronica Mars movie comes together well I think this is a milestone for... lots of things, really. The industry is evolving fast, and it's nice to see Warner Bros moving with it rather than fighting against it.
I might be wrong but I sincerely doubt Buffy would need Kickstarter for a movie with the original cast to be greenlit.
I would love to see this happen for Terriers but I guess the fanbase is probably too small to raise enough funds.

Pushing Daisies would be a good choice now that Lee Pace is becoming a bit of a movie star it might not do too badly.
1. Firefly
2. Strange Luck

That's all I've got right now.
Definitely Firefly and Pushing Daisies, and Arrested Development if that is the only way they can make the movie. Oh, and Party Down too, which is way underappreciated and hilarious. My wallet is in trouble if any of those go on Kickstarter.

Wonderfalls was amazing, but works perfectly as a miniseries, and Pushing Daisies is by far my favorite Fuller show. Also, how about a Dollhouse Epitaph-era movie? Or even pre-Epitaph? Or how about leading-up-to E1? Any would be amazing, especially if Joss finally got to realize his vision without network interference. (I foresee an R rating).

I still have to watch Veronica Mars, I even have season 1. Maybe this can be an impetus, so I can decide whether I want to back the movie. I know Joss loved VM.
Buffy in a heartbeat. No questions.

I am so happy about this Veronica Mars news and I am glad it is seeing results!
@AnotherFireflyfan Do it! Veronica Mars is amazing! I would love a Dollhouse movie too, but to me the show had a very decent finale. I have yet to read the Epitaph comics.
If the VMars movie could have a scene at a car rental place, with a certain sales person, that would be incredible.

Pushing Daisies would also be a great choice.
I shared my wishlist before and it looks like a get to cross something off soon. :) I love fandoms.
2.Pushing Daisies
3.Freaks and Geeks
4.Party Down
6.The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Buffy is in no need of a kickstarter or live action continuation. Pushing Daisies and Gilmore Girls though, most definitely are.

And at this point, a live action anything involving Firefly would likely do well so I really doubt it would even need a platform to prove itself.
If I could, I would've donate to Veronica Mars for a movie version.
That's great great news !
@danielgm86 - ok, I'll start watching tonight. Also, looks like VM s2 is only $12 on Amazon right now... that's crazy!
I know that Shawn Ryan tweeted how the VM success could be a model for Terriers, but that's silly. VM averaged 2.5M viewers over three seasons and has maintained buzz ever since. Terriers didn't even average 0.7M over a single season, no one knows what it was, and it can't even get a DVD release.

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From IGN

Update: Well, that didn't take long. The campaign has already hit the $1.4 million mark. It is also now the fastest campaign in Kickstarter history to hit $1 million (in 4 hours and 24 minutes). Can $2 million happen by the end of the day?! Looks like we may actually be getting that Veronica Mars movie…

Remember when Angel was cancelled and fans started donating money to blood banks in support of bringing the show back? Imagine if Kickstarter had been around then. We probably would have gotten an Angel movie.

I am loving the possibilities opened up by this development. And I'm sure Joss is paying very close attention; he knows how far his fans are willing to go to support his work.
I love the news of a VM movie through Kickstarter. Not only is it great news for writers and actors, it is showing that studios and fans don't have to be on opposite sides of the table. Warner Bros. had to give Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell permission for this since it is their property. I understand why there wasn't a VM movie after the series and I still understand why this will still be a pretty small and low budget project.

As far as Joss goes, I know I would love to see a Buffy movie but I am satisfied with the TV seasons we got. And I have no desire for a Dollhouse movie. A Serenity sequel would be too expensive. If Dr. Horrible ran into funding trouble I bet it could raise the funds via Kickstarter, especially since there is no studio involved.

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AnotherFireflyfan have fun meeting miss Mars for the first time! I'm curious to hear what you thought of it.

The VM kickstarter already has passed the $1.6 million mark now. I'm hoping it will have passed the $2 million when I wake up tomorrow, that would be an amazing way to start the day.
It'll pass the $2M mark by dinner time at this point.
Especially when the momentum of "We're almost there!!" kicks in (or maybe it already has, I dunno). I'm very excited about this project. It's absurd to me that it has earned so much, so quickly.

And so my rewatch begins soon :)
True, I never thought it would reach the goal so fast. This is a very special day. I love how Rob and Kristen are so passionate about it.
Yeah it looks like VM will have no trouble reaching $2million in record time, I congratulate Warner Brothers, this is great publicity for them as well as for Veronica Mars. I put up a link for the video (such an hilarious video!) at my facebook page and a friend of mine linked it to her own page and let me know she had donated (I didn't even know she watched much TV much less was a VM fan).

I sure hope this gets Fox thinking about the possibilities, but of course the timing isn't good for Joss, we would have to wait a couple of years until after Avengers2 comes out. But personally I would happily donate even knowing it could be 5 years before they were able to put Firefly on the big screen. Did you see all the wild incentives? I'm not sure I could ever come up with $10k for a speaking part, but it all sounds like so much fun.
I know a lot of Canadians donating - and we don't get prezzies. :) It's pretty exciting.
Oddly enough, I just re-watched all of VM this last week. Such a good show.

The characters make it for me, so I do hope that's the focus of the film.

I think if they had a larger assortment of stuff to buy with a pledge, they'd make even more money.

I'm not all that interested in some of the options they have, but I'd love some VM stuff, like a coffee mug, a Mars Investigations pen (with or without a camera, microphone or tracker) or a selection of t-shirts.

I think plenty of projects would have no trouble getting funds collected if they got creative with their donation-gift options.
I stalked the Kickstarter just to say Now it has reached the goal of 2 million.
@Scraggles: yeah, with no shipping outside the US and no word on DRM for the digital movie, there's not much incentive to go above $10 for us Blighty-bound VM fans. Very happy to see this happen though!
This has made my day!

The pace that this is being funded is ridiculous. In the time it's taken between me looking at the Kickstarter link and reading the page, the article and the comments on this thread, $50,000 have been donated. And the goal has already been reached!

And this really could be a milestone. As much as I love Buffy, I don't think she needs a continuation of her story. The Buffyverse, however...I'd never say no to going back to it. And then I thought of something: Ripper. Hasn't a draft of that already been written?
@Bluelark: Fray the Movie?
BTVS is my all time favorite Whedon series, but I have to go with Firefly. So many more stories to tell.

If anyone could get fans to beat that $2 million in 10 hours record, I'd bet on Joss Whedon. Maybe this is an avenue he will pursue to fund other Dr. Horrible and Much Ado like labors of love.
This has been absolutely brilliant. And yes, it certainly means a lot to series doomed by Nielsen that nevertheless have a vocal and willing fanbase. I don't know if Firefly is actually doable, what with the actors' (and Joss's, of course!) other commitments and all, but it's very good news, regardless. It certainly bodes well for the future of the probably-doomed Community.
Show runner and cast are behind it as is the WB. I don't know if everything we miss can be done this way but it sure makes for an exciting future.
Part of what makes Dr. Horrible and Much Ado (which I haven't even seen yet) so amazing is that it seems miraculous that they even exist. Joss has been able to make these small-scale passion projects exactly the way he's wanted to. But, you know, imagine if he could make things like that and not even have to work within a restrictive budget?

This process clearly relies on special scenarios where all the rights holders and people involved are willing to let it go forward. But if Joss wanted to give budget boosts to those unusual, original projects of his, I'm sure it could happen, even if so far he hasn't shown any wish to ask fans for money. He's probably the only writer I would donate to for a completely new, original project, even one that hasn't been written yet. I trust his writing that much.

Also, it's strange that I'm also thinking about the much smaller things fandoms could do with this. It wouldn't have to be as big as funding a movie, but just those things that only a core fandom cares about. What about those times when DVDs are planned with disappointing amounts of special features? (I'm still sad about how few there are for Dollhouse.) Fans could just arrange to have commentaries for every episode. Or if a show is cancelled and there's no DVD release, the fans could get their DVDs.

It goes back to what Joss said years ago about Buffy. He'd rather make a show that a small number of people loved than one that a large number of people liked. With this, devotion could be as important as numbers.
So happy that the Veronica Mars movie is getting made. I did my small part and donated.

This type of thing is really starting to change the way our beloved shows and movies are made. I don't know if Firefly will actually be impacted by it, but I have no doubt Joss will be happy to embrace the internet in future endeavors. He is after-all the man that brought us Dr. Horrible.

The real question I have is, will any of our Whedon alum possibly make an appearance in the VM film since so many of them were on the show? It would certainly be awesome, even if they were just cameos.
I hope other studios(cough,fox) take notice of this. Not a fan of VM but this is pretty monumental.

ETA. I wonder if Joss pledged?

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Man... See, now I'm gonna have to think about that. My number one that I'd like to see come back in a series or movie has always been VM by far, so that's out of the way. I think it'd have to be Community, even though that hasn't technically been canceled yet. Though a second Firefly movie and Wonderfalls are both up there too.

I'm too excited to think clearly of anything else anyway. I'd been watching the pledges roll up all day from about 200k. Such awesome news.
I think Joss may have pledged, the first I heard of this was from @DrHorrible on twitter, reminding us that Joss appeared on Veronica Mars.
Well, I have now watched the first couple of episodes. So far I like the characters quite a bit, especially Veronica herself, I love her quick wit - shades of Buffy. The mysteries are intriguing, and I think I will grow to like more of the characters and world - it's definitely more than your average high school show (also shades of Buffy).

I'm in on the movie kickstarter. Now to watch some more. Also, I have now backed 44 projects on kickstarter. I may have a problem.

ETA: I haven't watched the kickstarter video yet. Any spoilers in it? Should I wait till I watch all three seasons of the show first, or is it safe?

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@AFF, I would wait. But I am an extreme spoiler-phobe and if I had not seen the series already, I would have wanted to avoid knowing a certain point. But I don't know how much you've heard about the show already.

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Had to choose 'other', because there was no Angel category! :(
Seriously you could still do it. The cast doesn't look that much older. And Wesley could put in a ghost of an appearance! ;)

Glad to see that we might actually be getting a proper ending to Veronica Mars though. Well done Kristen for not giving up on it!
It was incredible to see the numbers jumping up while I was watching the video on the Kickstarter page!
I love Buffy. I love Veronica Mars. VM's success has me SO giddy for the possibilities of us resurrecting a truly GREAT Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie with original cast. Update: Congrats Veronica Mars cast & crew. IT WAS FULLY FUNDED IN ONE DAY (OVER 2 MILLION PLEDGED!!)

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OMG *epiphany*....RIPPER!!!! Or Fray...or anything in between, really!
I would hurl (HURL!) money at Kickstarters for: Firefly, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Journeyman, The Unusuals, Book of Daniel, Chuck, Roswell, Heroes, Moonlight, Better Off Ted, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, and Kitchen Confidential. And Arrested Development if it weren't for Netflix, which I intend to start worshipping very soon. Basically this is a list of fantastic shows that were cut too soon and did not get a proper ending. Currently as a fan all I can do is buy reprinted memorabilia, DVD sets, and reminisce with others over and over again at what I think is TV genius stunted. With a Kickstarter fans (and the show's creators) can prove to the studios what loyalty is out there.
Buffy. But not if I have to see spacefrakking.
Finished shows I'd like to get a movie for: Quantum Leap & Nash Bridges.

A movie that ties up "Buffy" and "Angel" (Not like that!) so they both get a satisfactory ending.

Shows that were cancelled too early that need a movie (mini-series would be good, too) to finish their story: Dollhouse, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. (I can't really put Firefly in this category because we did get a movie, and I'm not sure how a sequel would work since so many of the cast are in regular jobs now.)

And in the "not created yet but really should be" category - Ripper and Fray.

Hopefully the VM fans get a movie worthy of their dedication.
Dollhouse finished its story.
So did Buffy, for that matter -- repeatedly. And with Serenity, Firefly at least got to a good stopping point. And Angel ended well, too.

So I'm massively stoked by VM getting the movie, but I think the best way for us Whedonistas to spin this news is that Joss might use Kickstarter to fund new projects.
I submitted a question on the Veronica Mars page asking if there was a chance that the digital version might be DRM-free. Probably not, but I figured it could not hurt to ask. Either way I will probably go for the $50 level to get the DVD/documentary.

I would like to see a Fray movie. I would also like to see some shows released on DVD with the original music (like Roswell or Daria).
What this means is that any project that can enthuse actors, directors and fans alike, can be made this way. It has to start with the right crew, but there are a lot of possibilities now.

edit: Just received an e-mail saying, they're trying to make international donations possible (Yay!), but it will take a week or two and they're adding other rewards in the next days.

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Back when Serenity got greenlit, fans (and some showrunners) of cancelled TV shows jumped and down with excitement because it meant their shows would stand a very good chance of get turned into movies.

However the opening box office weekend* killed off Serenity 2 and 3 and the chances of these shows get turned into movies. So whilst it's very nice that Veronica Mars has got funding, I'm reminded of what has gone before.

*or Black Sunday as I privately call it (remember Mal's face when the Alliance ships appeared in the sky? That's what it was like being a Firefly fan that day)
Maybe Joss is going to show up in the Veronica Mars movie as a waiter.
Goners. ;)

BTW, I still miss Pushing Daisies.
Excellent news for VM fans. Good luck to them.

1. Firefly (although I think that ship has sailed)
2. Deadwood
3. Pushing Daisies
Great news for Veronica Mars, and pontentially exciting news for other cult projects. However, are genre fans still going to be as enthusiastic the 10th big geek revival project? I say this as someone who wishes they could have found a way to donate to a dozen shows but I'm not sure how I would feel about studios relying on it if it becomes common place.

I don't think lack of funds is really a big problem for any Joss projects at the moment, lack of hours in the day, maybe. Joss has already proven he can create popular passion projects on micro budgets and after TA could probably have gotten any revival he wanted greenlit in some format, especially with Netflix and other online content ramping up distribution.
Why doesn't someone find out how much money it would be required to buy the Firefly license from Fox and then just start a kickstarter for that? I know it's not a done deal but it's a step forward towards making something like another movie or maybe some animated stuff, if OTHER, more wealthy parties would be interested.
Oh gawd... now all the fanboys will be coming out of the woodwork and will start Kickstarter campaigns for just about any TV show and of course none of them will have the legitimacy to back it up. I dont evny the people at Kickstarter who will have to clean up this mess.

Can we at least forego posting links to the no doubt dozens of FIREFLY RESURRECTION Kickstarter Campaigns that will no doubt follow in the wake of this ?
I was off line after the initial morning round of squeeing so I was blown away last night when I learned they'd already met the initial goal before I could even check the couch for change to contribute. To answer a couple of concerns upstream, Kristen Bell tweeted that they are trying to set it up so that fans outside the US can donate and reap the benefits. The video was hilarious. I don't think there's anything that could be considered a spoiler, but it's full of general show references,"catch phrasing" and in-jokes, some that I only caught on second or third viewing. Doughnuts, d'oh! I loved these characters and I'm excited to see more of them, my Cliffy, the kids...who knows who might reappear, cause as Rob said, "There's dead and then there's TV dead."
There cannot be any Firefly resurrection campaigns on Kickstarter unless Joss is involved. #1 it's a licensed property and Kickstarter ain't going down that road with someone not permitted to make new Firefly stuff and #2 Kickstarter is a funding mechanism. Which means people pay for a product in advance. What product are they going to receive if someone is just raising money in the hopes of resurrecting the show?
This is obviously great news for Veronica Mars fans, but I can't really imagine Joss doing something like this. It doesn't sound like the people behind Veronica Mars would have done it as anything other than a last resort to get a movie made either.
If webseries and figments of my imagination count as TV shows then:

1. Summer Glau as Summer Glau in "Summer Glau"
2. Dr Horrible 3
3. Anything with Vork and Zaboo
Boto, there isn't a figure attainable by a fundraiser that would convince 20th to just up and sell the Firefly license.

ETA: Not to mention that who would you trust, frankly, to own it and not mess with it? It's fine where it is.

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danielgm86: I might be wrong but I sincerely doubt Buffy would need Kickstarter for a movie with the original cast to be greenlit.

Joss wanted to do straight to DVD movies for Buffy with the original cast when Season 8 of the comics were coming out, but couldn't get funding for the project. It seemed the studios wanted everyone to work for almost nothing. Now these movies wouldn't have the full cast, as it was supposed to focus on particular characters, the first possibly focusing on Spike, the second on Willow. I wonder if KickStarter had been around then (2006? 2007?) that perhaps those movies would have gotten made.
My top three to see a movie, I think, in no particular order, would be Firefly, Dark Angel, and Strange Luck.
Quite a few of the key Buffy and Firefly actors have a bit of a career and Joss has so much on his plate, he wouldn't find the time, although he seems to be a bit of a workoholic...
But even after The Avengers I think he still might think of some things he won't get a funding for and those to me would be the most interesting ones.

Still, I think others will look more closely at what is happening here and many will try to follow. It's not about becoming a box office success. I don't think Veronica Mars will be, frankly, but it's about getting something made, that you're really passionate about. Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas obviously were and I do think that is really rare. Maybe it has to do with the fact Bell's movie roles have been so lame. It looks even worse for Jason Dohring. I liked Party Down, but that's over, too. Ok, so Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Chastain can't complain, but they're not part of this. :)
Sure, people want to make money of these films and if they're really so good, that they'll attract more people, great. But it's a bit difficult.
Oh for $2M I don't think that Veronica Mars will make a dent in box office, that is really more of a 'made for TV movie' budget than a big screen budget. The point is that they can get limited release, and still make plenty of money if most of it is straight to DVD. They aren't dependent on being a blockbuster movie. Of course they are lucky that they don't need any sci-fi sets or special effects (Firefly would cost a lot more!). As veraishq said: "it's about getting something made". And I'm very excited to see what they have in mind!
I would probably be the lone vote in favor of seeing Tim Minear's "Drive" made into a 2-hour thriller. It would even have a very bankable, reputable cast if you got the TV folk back, Nathan, Dylan Baker, the irrepressible Ms. Stone, Melanie Lynskey, et al.

I'm also assuming that, while it doesn't say so, the kickstarter money would represent the sum total of all money spent making a VM movie. Why would they even bother with Warner if that was the case? Certainly all 50k who have pledged would watch a home video made for the money they've contributed.
The kickstarter only funds the filming. WB Digital then funds marketing and distribution. ETA: Kickstarter funds also for rewards fulfillment.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-03-15 00:23 ]
Well, hell, we better get on it then. It's up at $3.14 million. Need to get this up to maybe $10 million if we want something to blow up as Veronica closes in on solving whatever way over her head case she ends up with (my mind keeps drifting back to the last couple episodes of the series, actually. They knocked on the door of a much more cinematic scale bag of trouble in that one).

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