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March 14 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg & Seth Green in Sexy Evil Genius trailer. Michelle Trachtenberg plays Miranda Prague and is accompanied by Seth Green as Zachary Newman.

A key and a werewolf. What could go wrong?

They haven't been on screen together since that Fall Out Boy video. #uselesstriva
Wow, I had no idea this movie was coming out...I'm so there!
Straight to DVD. Hmmmm.
Wow, that's an absolutely amazing cast. Not just notable faces, but honest-to-goodness excellent actors. That said, yikes! How did someone manage to get all those great actors together for this? It looks terrible. On the bright side, hats off to whoever had the stones to call a non-comedy film "Sexy Evil Genius"!
So I caught a short documentary called "Jujitsuing Reality" about the writer of "Sexy Evil Genius", Scott Lew, at a film festival last year. Before you question the quality of this movie look up Scott and you'll probably be impressed. He has ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). He can't move except for his eyes. He can't talk. He writes with a computer that senses his eye movement, one letter at a time. It takes forever. It's all he does every day. The hardest working and best screenwriters don't work as hard as Mr. Lew to produce their work.

He also has an assistant who works with him and a shorthand to write faster. He types a few words, she guesses at the full sentence, if she's right they move on to the next one. He of course also has a nurse, but when not at work his wife still takes care of him, which is tons of work. And his kids still play with him.

"Sexy Evil Genius" the end product isn't going to impress, but I applaud Seth Green (who also narrates "Jujitsuing Reality") and everyone else for helping to realize the dream of the hardest working screenwriter I've ever seen, and I look forward to putting down some cash to watch the movie. Scott was in the audience when I saw the documentary, and it was hard not to be in awe of his determination, and the dedication of his wife, who was there as well.
Y'know, I was already thinking to myself in terms of pithy comments about this movie and my default sentiment that I'm glad that our guys are working, but wasn't going to post any of them.

Having read bobw10 there, I decided I would post, and I'm saying -- I am going to see this movie. I haven't seen the documentary, I know only of Scott Lew what you've summarized here. I will see this movie and give his castle in the sky a chance out of respect for what it takes for him to build it.

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