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February 24 2004

Poll at Yahoo! on "Angel's" Cancellation Furious? Sad? Happy? You know which one to vote for. Scroll down to bottom left.

Current Results:

I am furious beyond belief. 38% 782 votes
I'm sad, but it's not that big a deal. 17% 350 votes
Yay! I was never big on that show. 44% 893 votes

Ok people, are we going to break this one too? Hee.
Good grief! Why even vote if you 'weren't big on the show'?? How ridiculous. And if you didn't watch it, how can you be happy? I don't watch Alias, but it wouldn't make me 'happy' if it got canned. I just wouldn't care. People are strange.....
I know it's now up to

I am furious beyond belief. 42% 938 votes
I'm sad, but it's not that big a deal. 16% 361 votes
Yay! I was never big on that show. 41% 920 votes

We need to bury the Yay's
I agree...this isn't scientific or anything, but I don't understand why there are so many "happy" people. It's frustrating, I would think if they've never watched the show they would just ignore the poll. Anyway, we have to keep voting. I think the site will let you vote a few times before it tells you that your "vote will not be counted" anymore. When that happens, just delete your cookies and temporary internet files, then you can vote a few more times again.
It's probably the same people who made the petition thanking WB for canceling Angel voting repeatidly. WANKERS!!!
I'd be willing to wager that some group with anti-Angel sentiment found the poll and put in voting time...just like I'm childishly doing now to change the results! So, nyah nyah nyah to the anti folks ;)

(and oops, because nychick just said that as I typed)

[ edited by chasa on 2004-02-24 22:52 ]
It was 50% "I am furious beyond belief" when I voted and down to like 35% "Yay! I'm a loser"
What do those (now) 1035 people think they're going to achieve, get the show more cancelled, put UPN off the show entirely. Sad thing is I know at least one person, who given the link would happily sit there for hours refreshing and voting "yay".
What the matter, didn't you see "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"?
The Internet is All.About.Negativity.
Yeah unbelievable. Plenty shows I can't stand, but I wouldn't do this to a poll if it was about their cancellation. Shows I don't like, I don't watch. Why would it make me happy to see it gone? It's not in my life!

wissxwe is right. Lot of negativity on the net. People can act like jerks because they can stay anonymous and surprise, a lot of people then DO act like jerks. Same with boards like AICN, people just post in the Angel thread to say how much they hate it. And not once, no, repeatedly.

I will never ever understand that kind of stupid, ugly, childish behavior. Now I am off to vote 'Furious' again.
We can vote several times...
It was 50% to 38% just now. We only have a little over a thousand votes over them.

I poked around a little at yesterday and there were so many posts about how glad people were that it was cancelled. It may be some people from there. Maybe it's just Ghost Spike's friend.
" It may be some people from there. Maybe it's just Ghost Spike's friend"
Really wouldn't surprise me!
He hates the Buffyverse, despite only having watched about 1 episode at my "buffython" last year. And that was with his eyes held open.
I got him the "OMWF" soundtrack for his birthday, probably still in it's packaging!
His argument, like those of many who don't like the Buffyverse, was crap, I think it was along the lines of, the name of the show, and in his opinion, everybody was a vampire (sounds ridiculous but he really believed it), the lessons at school with him shouting out "Giles, you're a vampire, Buffy, you're a vampire, Spike" imagine this being shouted by an incredibly camp guy who sounds like he's being brought to orgasm.
And that was his incredibly level-headed, and thought out, criticisms of the buffyverse.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2004-02-25 01:13 ]
He sounds like a bit of a wanker GS.

Okay, I just voted again. It's now 57% to 30% but those folks, whoever they are, are still voting too!
I have to say that there are a few shows out there that I would give a big "YAY!" to if they got cancelled. Charmed anyone?

Guess I'm just Mr. Negativity. :)
Charmed is a highly entertaining show. Or at least it was for the first four seasons. It lost a lot when it lost Shannen Doherty, although it did transition well into a solid fourth season. However, after they ripped off "The Little Mermaid" in the fifth season premiere, and followed with a "gimmick of the week" type story, I decided I had to stop watching. "Charmed" could be intelligent if it really wanted to, having a strong message about the bonds of sisterhood, rather than "girls just wanna have fun" + magic.

So, I wouldn't be glad if "Charmed" was cancelled, but I wouldn't be sad, either. Let's just say it's gone on long enough already. And the mermaid episode was a shark jumper.

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