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March 14 2013

A very special episode of Dollhouse. The AV Club covers Dollhouse's "The Left Hand" in a feature that selects episodes that exemplify the unique properties of TV as a medium.

That's probably the best overview of Dollhouse I've read in ages. Really good article, cheers for linking to it.
Bennett was my favorite charachter in the show. It's cool it's getting some recognition.
Oh man, I REALLY need to watch that show again.
You know, I'd never thought to make the thematic connection between Buffy's resurrection and the show's resurrection on UPN before, regarding the show's open questioning of whether we should let our fallen heroes rest in peace. What an interesting take on the material. Now it's got me thinking about the Epitaph doomsday scenario as commentary on Dollhouse's impending cancellation. I can't believe I'm still finding new layers in these shows.

I also want to add that I've now started reading through other entries in "A Very Special Episode" and it's pretty damn cool. The author, Noel Murray, has an insightful and knowledgeable take on TV in general. I found the piece on Roseanne to be particularly interesting.
The Topher/Victor-as-Topher scene was always my absolute favorite part of Dollhouse's entire run. I had already been impressed by Enver's imitation of Reed Diamond, but his Fran Kranz just blew me away. More work for that guy, please.
gianetta When my friend was up this past summer, I had her watch those two episodes just for Victor-as-Topher. She was totally impressed. "That wasn't dubbed?" "Nope. That's really Enver doing Fran's voice & mannerisms." "Wow."

dance4days I decided to watch both seasons in order, then read the comics and then watch both parts of Epitaph to get the whole story. I took a short break after "Echoes" but I was already getting more out of it than before, understanding more of Adelle's position and the very dangerous balancing act she tried to maintain. I kind of think knowing how it all turns out actually helps me to focus on smaller details more.

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