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March 14 2013

Nathan Fillion joins voice cast for a World War Z extended audio book. He's joining some big names including Simon Pegg and interestingly, Martin Scorsese.

Trying to think of who Nathan is going to play.
Dang, I wasn't even aware it was an abridged version I heard. Here I thought the oral version of the oral history was the one to get, so I skipped the book.

Guess I'll be double-dippin'!
I knew the audio version I have is abridged - some of my favorite scenes from the book were missing, and others shortened. Maybe Nathan Fillion is going to play the handler from the K-9 unit? In any case, cannot wait. Love the book, love the abridged audiobook, fully expect to love the unabridged audio book.
I actually think he would have made a good Todd Waino, but Mark Hamill's a pretty darn good voice actor himself, so I can't complain. I think the K-9 handler is probably the most likely role, which is awesome since it's one of my favorite chapters in the book.
That would be great, I could so hear him as the K-9 guy.
Wow, this looks way better than that Brad Pitt movie about an American family chased by fast zombies. Which for some reason is called World War Z too.

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