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"I think youíve already figured out Iím not the poster boy for normal."
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March 15 2013

"Joss" comments on the whole Kickstarter thing. Per the satirical Onion newspaper: "Wowee, if Kristen Bell can raise a million bucks on the 'net, I'll bet a guy like me, Joss Whedon, could really clean up."

Is Joss the first "real" person to feature in American Voices?
I'll have to give it to The Onion: They can write for Joss. That seems just like something he'd actually say.
It's funny because it's true.
The Onion! It's all downhill in pop culture from here.
What do you want to bet that other publications quote it as if it were real?
Simon: They've had other "real" people. I just don't have a convenient example handy.

BrewBunny: is always good for a laugh.
As of the last couple weeks, OneTeV, that has become a regular stop in my web browsing. There is some absurd, hilarious stuff on there.
I love how well the photo goes with the quote.
That's the thing about great comedy - it's true.

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