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March 16 2013

Neverwhere featuring Anthony Head begins today. It starts at 2.30 GMT on BBC Radio 4.

So, having missed this, can anyone see on the website where I can listen to the first hour that was just played?
It's literally just started now.
It's only just started.
Holy crap, who is he playing? This is seriously when fandoms collide.
Cool, I can listen to it on iPlayer Radio tonight when I do the dishes.
He's playing Mr Croup of evil duo Croup and Vandemar. I don't tend to listen to radio plays but I must say I really enjoyed it! Tony was excellent! It's just a shame it's not TV - I'd have loved to actually see him in the role!
It's worth hunting out the BBC TV production from the mid 90's on DVD. It's very low budget but does have the wonderful Joseph Patterson as the Marquis de Carabas. One of the finest Dr Who's we've never had.
It's also by Neil Gaiman, which, let's face it, is a giant selling point. Neil is such an incredible author. Will probably listen to this tomorrow.
Here's the whole list of people:

...six part adaption of Neil Gaimanís novel adapted by Dirk Maggs for Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra, sees James McAvoy as Richard lead a stellar cast which includes Natalie Dormer, David Harewood, Sophie Okonedo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lee, Anthony Head, David Schofield, Bernard Cribbens, Romola Garai, George Harris, Andrew Sachs, Lucy Cohu, Johnny Vegas, Paul Chequer, Don Gilet and Abdul Salis.

So many wonderful actors :) I've just read this book, I was able to find the TV show they did years ago, and now this. Very nice!
I listened to the first 40 minutes, very good so far. Strong production values.
I haven't finished the first episode yet, but so far it was wonderful. Made me fall in love with this story for the third time.* Tony was great, a very menacing Mr. Vandemar Mr. Croup (oops!).

*Yes, that "third time" means I also loved the TV version. It may have helped that I already had read the book. I actually mostly liked the low budget look - I thought it fitted really well with the story - and as Jack Diamond wrote above, Joseph Patterson was magnificent as the Marquis de Carabas.

(edited to correct the Mr. Vandemar mistake)

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The TV-series was awesome, with Gaiman directly participating in the process, it captured the equally excellent book really well.

That said, I'll be sure to check this radio show too, should be interesting.
grr. I couldn't find anything that said. "Click here to listen", or the equivalent. Yet Neil Gaiman kept saying it could be listened to everywhere.
You can listen to it at BBC Radio 4. I listened last night and was drawn right back into the excellent story. The rest of the week should be great...such a cast!
The TV version actually came before the novel! And it is low-budgety, but pretty awesome for what it is. Count me among those who love it!

Just listened to the new one. Absolutely everything I expected/hoped. Looking forward to the rest of it this week!
Reminder - if you missed hearing it on the radio, you can download the first episode of "Neverwhere" for free on iTunes via the "BBC Radio 4 - Drama of the Week" podcast as of today (3/22). I think it's up for a limited time, but hopefully gets replaced in turn by the rest of the episodes.

(I'm downloading it #aswespeak)

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