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March 17 2013

Top ten girl-power moments in science fiction and fantasy. It wouldn't be a list without Buffy.

That's a nice list. Six killing Cain wins it for me though!
I thought Megan Fox's scenes in Transformers was a great example of girl-power. Why wasn't that on the list???

(I should probably mention that I was joking before I get stoned to death...)
I forgot about "the I in Team", but it really is a great moment in a good episode. I'm not sure why so many "When x killed y" moments are on the list, but I have to agree with Six/Shelley Godfrey in BSG. Don't know if it counts as "girl-power", but President Roslin and Starbuck had plenty of powerful moments.

And back to the Whedon-verse, how about Cordy in "Billy"? Or RIver at the end of "Serenity."

But this all just makes me think of Joss' strong female characters speech.
I probably would have went with Buffy reclaiming her identity and then kicking all kinds of demon butt in Anne. "Hi! I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and you are?"

There are so many moments to pick from, though.
Pretty good list. Love the write up on Dr. Arroway.

I choose to believe that Sagan wrote that with quite a clear head from his heart and then proceeded to have the pot brownie. But if he did it after eating the pot brownie, well there's nothing wrong with that.

I do think there are better moments in Hunger Games though.
I also liked Cordy in "Billy," in my mind it was the one of two times when Angel Cordy seemed like a logical progression from Buffy Cordy.

I think Ivanova had some awesome moments, including tricking the First Ones.
I actually do really like that Buffy moment. What makes it awesome is not so much what happens, but Buffy's attitude, her confidence, a beautiful arrogance which is not often appreciated when it come to girls unless it's related to appearance or sexuality.
That's a weird choice (even though I really like the episode). I think the best definition of girl power in Buffy is "Chosen". That moment when every potential slayers in the world awaken is really powerful.

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For me, the ultimate Buffy moment will always be 'No weapons, no friends, no hope? What have you got left?" "Me."

And for BSG I would choose the time Kara destroyed that icky baby farm. Or fixing that Cylon Raider when she was stranded on that planet and flying it back.
That Buffy moment in the list is actually my favorite, as well, in terms of revealing her power (which had been totally discounted by Walsh up to that point). And a good amount of my liking it could be that once Buffy looked up to Walsh as a teacher and then realized another woman had betrayed her, in the worst way possible. That turning on a dime from good-natured young woman that she is to dead-serious, you shouldn't have effed with me Slayer, chills the blood.

I prefer Weaver in Aliens where she is able to reveal her nurturing side without ever once being a dribbling, pet-name talking, protective mother bear. Shielding Newt throughout most of that film, "Get away from her, Bitch!" is about as good as it gets.

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@Captain B: Shelley Godfrey was the Six who framed Baltar in season 1. She had nothing to do with killing Admiral Cain or with this list.

As for "X kills Y" moments, I 100% agree with the inclusion of the moment from The Hunger Games trilogy that they included, although I would add to what they say that


it was not just about what Coin had done, but that it had became clear that she was a new Snow, when she wanted to bring the Games back with the Capitol children. Katniss prevented Panem from having one dictator replaced with another.

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To: TimeTravellingBunny

Re: Mockingjay moment

I completely agree with you.
@forcorreo "For me, the ultimate Buffy moment will always be 'No weapons, no friends, no hope? What have you got left?" "Me." "

THIS. The look on her face when she stops the sword with her hands... Still gives me chills after all these years.

It makes it all the more empowering that Buffy is actually fighting her "love interest". She is a woman, but she is not waiting for her man or anyone else to come save her. She is the hero.

As I say, chills.
I know "Bad Eggs" isn't a favorite, but that was a great scene at the end when Buffy climbs out of the Bezoar and looks at the Gorch brother, who promptly runs away.
All these great moments that people have mentioned here. I'm starting to realize just what SMG contributed to Buffy's badassery. The look of determination and focus she was able to convey was key!
If you'll pardon an excursion into print media, Adrienne pulling an unconscious and huge Tom out of the cockpit of a very small wrecked plane, then going on to take out a small army of bad guys single-handed with the help of a previously set explosives charge in Conquistador is a powerful one for me.
The "Becoming" and "Anne" moments already mentioned are awesome -- there's a reason "Becoming" is titled what it is -- and they should probably top my list too. But I've got a few smaller and quieter moments that I really love:

Banging my cheese-covered drum as I always do, I love Buffy's speech to the First Slayer in "Restless": "I walk. I talk. I sneeze. I shop. I'll be a fireman when the floods roll back. There's trees in the desert since you moved out and I don't sleep on a bed of bones. Now give me back my friends."

There's also one of my favorite moments from Season Seven: "I've got so much power, I'm giving it away."

And related to both of those, I truly believe one of the most crucial defining moments of the show is in the first episode ever, when Buffy walks away from the all-access popularity pass that Cordelia has just handed her to stand beside Willow instead.
@TimeTravellingBunny. You're right. I meant Gina. I just rewatched the Shelly Godfrey episode last week, and that name was just fresh in my mind. Thanks.

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