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February 24 2004

Which Buffy season are you? Fun quiz I came across.

I'm season 3. Yay!

I'm season 5. Ok, pretty good. :)
I'm season 4? I thought I'd be season 7 or something. I guess it's probably my lifestyle. 31 and still living like a college student. But I said I'm mature!
I'm season 7 and loving it all the way baby--(Though I'm really more a 'Touched' or 'Lies my Parents told me' than
'Conversations'--but never ever will I be the last five minutes of 'Chosen'
Nice ink blot test.
Season Three - A lot of people say that you're the best, and who could really argue - you're pretty, witty, and you've got one of Buffy's best adversaries: the Mayor. Pound for pound, you're why so many people love Buffy

I'm OK with that. I have days where I go without speaking, and have powerful political enemies, so it's probably right. :o)
Ugh, I'm season 4 too. The season of Riley. I blame my solid marriage for this result......Damn you, EdDantes!!! Had you been a blond vampire, maybe I could have had steamy season 6! Dead inside, sure, but hot lovemakin'!
i am season 2 (romantic buffy) which is kinda weird i thought i would be a 3 or 5...
Season 5, mmmmm I can deal with that. Probably my favourite season.
DOH! I just realized that "Hush" is season 4, not three. So much for being witty...

Season 3, still good.
I'm season 5. One of the better seasons in my opinion so I'm ok with that.
Season 5. Mature, capable, but weary and somewhat disillusioned. I'd be perfectly happy with that assessment, except I worry that my personal Season 6 is just around the corner....
I'm season 1. Fun, witty, shallow, etc. Blah.
I'm Season 7, according to answers that only sorta fit :)

I noticed that Season 3 is the only season that didn't list a best episode- that makes sense, it's hard to single out a single episode or two from that season.
'Lie to Me' the best episode of Season 2? That's going against the crowd.

Neat test.
Really good test... i'm season 3 :)
Season 7, CWDP just like isa... hmmm, Isa, what are u doing for the rest of your life ;-)
I'm season 2, which happens to be my fave season, and it was right on about me being a "romantic"
am i the only season 6? ha i suck.
I want to be season 2! Then I could have some Angelus lovin. Dig those leather pants! Yeah I know, I'm sick. But I'm just a romantic at heart.
I'm season 6 too, narky. Fits, since I did enjoy a lot of that season.

As for my lovely Rogue Slayer, yes, we are rock solid, but since that would've let to Riley-like assumptions I chose to focus to our dangerous and confusing aspects and answer 'a' there, hehehe.
Laughing at Narky!
I'm season 7. "You are Buffy philosophy." True story, baby!!
Ok, EdDantes just admitted he cheated so he could be season 6!!! Even though he's Dutch, our relationship is All-American, rock solid, baby.....

Rogue and Ed, where can I find myself a quality geek girl? I could be happy if I found someone who knows what it means to Sanshu.
Root, we quality geek girls are hard to come by. But I must say, I owe much of my proud geekiness to Ed. Before him, I was a scoffer. "Buffy? Wasn't that that crappy movie about a cheerleader who fought vampires.....PUH-LEASE, I have better things to do with my time." Then my dear hubby shows me a couple epis with a certain blond vamp, and the next thing you know, I'm going to comic book conventions, reading Spiderman, and agreeing to foursomes with Eliza Dushku and James Marsters....ooh, was that too much info.....sorry, honey....hehe :)
Well, I'm all set for GenCon in August. Maybe I can look there...
where can I find myself a quality geek girl? I'd recommend comic book stores RootBoy42.

Wow, I'm Season 3. I really thought it would be 7. Well, three is my favorite number and I really like that season so it's cool.
I'm season five.

Me... grown up and mature? Pshaw!!
(There might be some element of truth there, but I'll deny it till the end.)
I took it twice because I couldn't decide on just one answer for most of the questions. 1st I was season 1 and then I was season 3...I think 3 fits me better...witty. But 1 isn't too far off either.

My girlfriend tells me I'm more like season three, so I will go with that...she is also a season three...I do have to say we can both be pretty witty.

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But I must say, I owe much of my proud geekiness to Ed. Before him, I was a scoffer.

Hehe, yes I brought out the geek in her. Was already there though. Waay stronger than I even thought! Hence the huge-ass Spike poster I somehow agreed to....

Not that I mind, if only there was a similar-sized Faith poster to go with it;-)
Season 4? I don't think I could be any less season 4 if I tried.

Ah well. Never was good with the tests.
Season Four here.
I'm a Season 2'er, which fits because it's when I really lost my heart (and brain -- or should that be 'mind'?) to the show.

And leather pants? Loved 'em since Jim Morrison, Robert Plant and punk guys everywhere put them on the fashion map, but nobody wore those bad boys like Angelus. Talk about workin' it -- he single-handedly made them (paired with a slinky silk dress shirt) the Unofficial Uniform of Sexy Evil!
but nobody wore those bad boys like Angelus.

Weeell, talking from my POV, I think Buffy and Faith wore the leather fiine too.... Until S7 when for some reason they completely stopped. Grrr.
Weeell, talking from my POV, I think Buffy and Faith wore the leather fiine too....

Well, being female, I could say that the way they wore them was never a primary interest of mine. Or would you feel better if I said that Angelus -- cavorting oh-so-come-hitherishly before my eyes -- clouded my ability to call up their names? :P

(Also noticing a distressing decrease in leather on Angel this season. Too many business suits and not enough bad-ass coats, let alone pants. Grrr argh!)
While on the topic of Angelus' leather pants. Angel rarely wore leather, but in one episode in season 3 (That Old Gang of Mine) Angel was wearing shiny leather (or maybe they were vinyl) pants and he looked like he was going clubbing. Heh. I was inspired by that to make a post on my journal (with pictures) about why vampires are sexy. Angelus inspired!
Yay! I was Season 3! I did two different "What Season Of Buffy Are you?" tests once and I was Season One and Three in them, so I guess I must be Season 3 truly.
Woo Hoo, Season 5. I figured I'd be somewhere between season 4 or 5, which are my favorite seasons.
Season 6 for me. :)
I got season 5 which is kinda cool but at the same time there were some very depressing moments- joyce and buffy dying :( then again spike was in love with Buffy, so I guess I'm happy!!!!:) p.s As long as "we're bringing Buffy back" comes into play I'm cool with it! :)

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