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March 18 2013

You don't know all the secrets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer yet. Some tidbits from Nancy Holder's "Buffy: The Making of the Slayer" book via io9.

I actually did not know two things there.
I'm hesitant to make a comment before knowing which of these will survive, but yeah, there actually was some stuff that I hadn't realized. The specifics about how the budget affected ideas for sets etc. were really interesting. Love those nuts 'n' bolts.
Whoa, browser reload glitch.
Anyway, I want someone to comment sincere shock at the revelation that the vamp dustings were done digitally.
I love, love, love the vamp-dusting effect in the presentation. I find it so goofy. Don't know why they didn't just stick with that for the series.
One of the secrets is that Buffy was supposed to repeat herself compulsively :)

I always forget about Original Recipe Willow. Hard to imagine anyone else in the role. SMG as Cordy is much more something I could imagine.
What the heck kind of revelation is "The vampire dusting was done digitally"?
When I got my copy of the book, I figured out that Sunnydale's map was actually San Diego, especially when I noticed the street names. That detail about the US government collapsing was a new one on me, though. This is a nice companion to the dozens of Buffy books out there, especially because of the "lore" that is included.

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Huh. I too didn't know 2 of these things. This looks like itvcould be an interesting book.
Cool. Some stuff I didn't know.

I wouldn't claim Sunnydale is San Diego though. I always thought it was Santa Barbara. The street maps may be based of SD, but the establishing shots are all of SB and the Mayor's map of Sunnydale County is definitely Santa Barbara County.
Just for fun - Joss, David and the cast in January 1997 at the TCAs - before the show started airing.
Doug Petrie slept in Joyce's bed. Now that's a good bit of trivia. Oh, and I can name the seven actresses who have played Buffy.
Swanson, Gellar, Dushku, the woman who did the voice in the animation... the rat...?

Even with that massive stretch as #5, I can't get even close to seven.

My favorite bit of Buffyverse trivia -- which two characters appeared in both the first episode of BtVS (counting "The Harvest" as part of the first) and the last episode of Angel?
Think Young Buffy....

Angel and Harmony?
My favourite secret is that Lorne could have been in Once More With Feeling. But Andy Hallett said in an interview that this didn't happen due to inter-network rivalry.
Ooh, Simon, that would have been awesome! Just when I thought Once More With Feeling couldn't get any better.
Oh, right! The girls. But does that mean you are counting the rat?

And yes, it's Angel & Harmony. I just find that amusing.
The Seven Buffies:

1. Kristy Swanson
2. Sarah Michelle Gellar
3. Eliza Dushku ("Who Are You?")
4. Giselle Loren (animated series pilot)
5. Mimi Paley (young Buffy in "Killed By Death")
6. Candice Nicole (young Buffy in "Blood Ties")
7. Alexandra Lee (young Buffy in "The Weight of the World")

Not counting Kelly Albanese, who voiced her in the season 8 motion comics.
Yeah, dunno how I missed this book, but I really have to have it - I like possibility of hearing about production details I didn't know, but the main reason being the prop photos.

I am a Huge Sucker for Whedon'verse props, especially books and drawings/ephemera. Oooh, and lookit! Neat! The shadow-caster puppets from "Get It Done."

I have seriously NUTSO GIGS worth of images related to Buffy and Angel and Firefly sets and props. It's my only failing. ; ]

Re: Buffy actresses - so thanks to zz9's Clew, I too was able to add Mimi Paley, Candice Nicole and Alexandra Lee playing "Young Buffies" - and also I guess at least one actress playing Buffy in TV's Angel - in "Soul Purpose" and "The Girl In Question" though I can't find name(s). So I think that means there's at least eight actresses if we're including Angel episodes.
If you want to be really, really, picky you can point out that only six played Buffy Summers. Kristy Swanson played Buffy. Movie Buffy didn't have a last name. Or more probably she did, but we never found out.
To be even pickier, you should also credit Giselle Loren for the 2 video games she voiced Buffy in.

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