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"grr... argh"
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February 24 2004

More inside scoop on the Wolfram and Hart Annual Review. Dachelle's recap of the event

Well, braid my hair and call me Polyanna and then have Wes spank me... but I had no idea Drew was/is dating Wolfgal. Good for them, though it makes it wierder that we saw all her glory in "Smile time".

Cool account. I especially liked the part where she described her meeting of Jonathan Woodward.
Argg I get so jealous from reading these things! :)
It's nice to hear what Mere's been up to. Wow on "she was fired," but the good kind where you have to be paid still! I guess she was too good for "Tarzan." It's cool that she's getting her own pilot though. Hopefully it'll be picked up.

Dachelle an incredible writer too. What a great report.

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