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March 19 2013

(SPOILER) Marvel's Kevin Feige reveals Joss Whedon's reaction to the Iron Man 3 ending. "He goes, now what am I supposed to do now? What am I going to do in Avengers 2?" Spoilers for Iron Man 3 in the interview.

joss getting - essentially - Jossed; I love it.

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Oh dear, now that has me worried. What will he do?

Cuz,@brinderwalt is right. Joss got Jossed and how does that happen to our ultimate PTB?

It's a brilliant PR move for Marvel.
Heh! I did have to laugh at how he said Pepper Potts and Jane Foster have always been such strong roles in the history of the characters. Think there's a little bit of revisionism going on there. The comics have changed things now so that Pepper is the one for Tony. But before the first Iron Man film appeared, a case could have been made for a character by the name of Bethany McCabe. Who movie Potts seems to have adopted a lot of the characteristics of.

It's that thing of putting the first romantic interest from the comics, into the movies without necessarily realising that they weren't really the most important to the lead character. (I mean has Vikki Vale ever been a presence in the comics as much as Burton's movies suggested?)
Though strangely enough the Raimi Spiderman films didn't use Betty Brant in this way. (Which actually is a little bit of a shame given that the girl playing her actually did have great chemistry with Peter..) But they still arguably screwed up by highlighting MJ over Gwen to begin with. When they would have been better holding off on that, the way that the new films seem to be doing..

As for Jane Foster. In the regular comic she hadn't really played an important part in decades. And when she did, she wasn't really a good role model in the slightest, falling into a lot of the stereotypes of the time. Casting Natalie Portman as her filled me with the same feeling that I had seeing Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. i.e A good actress largely wasted in playing a character that has pitifully little depth in the books. Natalie for instance would have been much better as Kitty Pryde, or a character that has a lot more spirit to her than the damsel in distress that Jane Foster often is. Think I would be happy to see her written out in the Thor sequel, and maybe Sif given a larger role as a consequence..
I never really cared for any of the romances in the comics except for a handful. It was too difficult for me to take any of them seriously - even when I was a kid. It was only when those romances mattered to the story that I became interested. (The Gwen Stacy storyline broke my heart back then. Jean Grey and Wolverine just about destroyed me.) Otherwise, the characters slept with whomever whenever. I think Tony Stark and Wolverine have had more meaningless sex than anyone in the history of EVER. So I really can't fault the filmmakers from picking the wrong relationships to focus on, because there will always be someone that feels differently about which was more important than the other.
Very true. As I started reading them in the 80es, my favourite in the Spidey comics, was always Felicia Hardy. (And what I wouldn't give to see Eliza Dushku play that part!) But I know that'll probably never pop up in the movies. Still I'm quite happy to see the Gwen story with hopefully it's original ending. As that is a heart-breaker all right, on the level of anything Joss has done..

But a lot of the romances from the golden/silver ages are really dated, and full of the sexist storytelling of the time. Plus, (And I think this sometimes get's forgotten,) Not every super-hero story has to be about the romance.
Didn't Pepper marry Hap?
I forget. I think they got married and divorced a couple of times. Depends on which version you're talking about. I'm not up to date with the 'Ultimates'. I've been concentrating on DC for the last few years (as hopefully I'll be writing for them soon - fingers crossed).
I don't care for The Ultimates, or the New 52, so I've really dropped my comics list down (mostly, but not entirely, Whedon stuff.) But I'll cross my fingers for you too, Egghead.
redeem147_Yeah they did. And then the Iron Man movie came along and so everything had to change. Which I believe they did by killing off Happy Hogan.. :(

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