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March 19 2013

Brian K. Vaughan's new comic book project is now available. The first issue of "The Private Eye", with artist Marcos Martin, can be downloaded - at a price of your choosing - from their new DRM-free platform, Panel Syndicate. More info here.

I tried to do this and it didn't work (ie I couldn't purchase, the site said they weren't able to receive money), has anyone successfully download it yet? I love Brian k. Vaughan's work but I'm not crazy about reading 32 pages online, or printing out 32 pages!
Yeah, I got it. If you're having trouble and desperately want to read it now, you could always just put $0 in the field, and then come back later to pay when you can get it working again.

ETA - nope, you're right. PayPal has suspended their account due to the high volume of activity. Pathetic.

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I just got it at 9:15am PST. I took the pdf, it's in full colour :)
I just downloaded, no issues. Haven't read it yet, but looking forward to it!
This is great! Excited to read this :)
Thanks everyone, the paypal link did wok for me this time and the comic is awesome. Brian K. Vaughan always has something really interesting to say, but a book about a world with no internet, which is told only on the internet, is kind of an hilarious premise! I'll definitely be looking forward to next month's issue.
Just read it last night and I loved it. Great concept and I've been looking to see more from Marcos Martin since Batgirl Year One.
Just grabbed this for $5. I loved His previous comics and looking forward to reading this one.
Read this last night and was a big, big fan. Excited to see where it goes from here... the exposition with the granddad was maybe a little clunky, but heck, he got it out of the way and I appreciate him for that. Art was gorgeous, especially in those last five or so pages.

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