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March 19 2013

15 cancelled shows to bring back. TV lists 15 shows that should be brought back, including a half-dozen Whedon-related ones.

The link goes right to the first 'verse-related show, coming in at #14.

Wow. Some people actually DO miss CSI Miami and Terra Nova.
Just, wow.
I didn't read all the comments, or actually all the reasons why. I started w/Deadwood (#16) and skimmed through to see which of "our" shows were listed. But some people are...vociferous about things they like.
Was actually watching some bits of Ringer just before happening upon this post. Imo one of the most underrated main casts ever.
Where's Freaks and Geeks?!?!

I think after Firefly, that's the other obligatory show on these lists. Maybe they're basing it on estimations of how likely the cast is to do it.

But in that case, Buffy is not super likely either, although I have a feeling SMG would be way more open to it now than say 6-7 years ago.
Why is Buffy on a list of "cancelled" TV shows???

Other than that, I wish Angel was on this list!
@ FangedFourLover:

Because Buffy WAS cancelled...? It just so happens that it took seven years for it to happen.
Hmmm, not so sure about that, napoleon27. My understanding was that at the beginning of the season Joss and Sarah both agreed this was the end of the road for them. I don't think the network shut it down--I think it was them.

But I'm happy to be proven wrong!
Entertainment Weekly famously had a cover with SMG with the headline "Buffy Quits!"

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If a show ends with a formal series or (to a lesser extent) season finale, then no - the word cancellation by definition has absolutely nothing to do with it, and so Buffy (as well as some others here mentioned I'm sure) really have no business being there. But since most people on the internets seem to think that "cancelled" and "open ended ending" mean the same thing...
Actually, I'm still bitter about Terra Nova. It was a great opportunity that was squandered with awful writing. A gigantic budget. Stephen Lang. Time travel. Friggin' dinosaurs! Honestly, how do you screw that up?!

I need a drink....

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Netflix is considering reviving Jericho?? Oh man, that just made my day! I feel like no one I talk to has ever heard of Jericho, which is a shame.
I've never posted here before, but I've been signed up for a few months now. What's broken the inertia is the deep, burning desire to affirm that yes, Jericho is awesome. Everyone should watch Jericho.
One could argue "Buffy" was cancelled, but by the star instead of the network, at least depending on who you listen to.

That list double covers a lot of our Whedonverse alums, since you've got Morena's "V" and Christian Kane's "Leverage" there. And "Heroes" is like Six Degrees of Genre Fiction. And, IMO, I do wish Heroes could have gotten a TV movie. Mostly I wish they had just not started taking bets on how to make the show worse each season after an epic, water-cooler first.

"Chuck"... I'm actually a big "Chuck" fan of the school that thinks the show probably went on too long. All I'd want out of more "Chuck" is a definite resolution that all but negates the finale. Some shows end with the writers thinking "we want the audience to be able to decide". With "Chuck", though, I have yet to meet anyone who actually thinks one of the two alternative endings was acceptable. Surely for that kind of ending to work, a la "The Sopranos", there needs to be an audience that's open to the various possible outcomes? Not the case with "Chuck" at all that I can tell -- it has to be one way and not the other.
To be honest most of the shows on the first had a pretty good run or were a bit crap (Firefly excluded obviously) No mention of all the other shows cut off too early in their first season like Terriers, Journeyman, New Amsterdam etc.
I never considered Chuck to be open-ended. I always thought it was pretty obvious that he and Sarah would be together. And really, what more can you ask for besides that?
Angel should be up there instead of Buffy, as it was actually cancelled. In comparing the two, Joss did say to me that Buffy's end was through a MUTUAL decision by him and Sarah, who felt that it was time. Whereas Angel of course had a whole lot of storylines that were really just kicking off.

Strangely enough, even though it could be argued that it was kind of a rip off of Angel, I was saddened by Moonlight's cancellation. As the actors were good, and towards the end the stories were really picking up.

Ringer too had a really great cast, so I would have liked to have seen a second season there, or at least an ending with the twins finally confronting each other.

And Terra Nova wasn't all bad. Given more time it might have lived up to it's potential. The two male leads were certainly very good on it.
I admit, I'm still not over the cancellation of Angel, and the loss of Buffy. And I still resent everybody involved a little. All those guys at WB, SMG for quitting, and Eliza Dushku for choosing Tru Calling over more Whedonverse, and Joss for not trying harder to make a movie happen.
And now it's too late. And that makes me a little bitter.

There's no doubt in my mind that that's true. But TV shows don't have time to 'live up to their potential' before they're axed nowadays. They need to be good from the beginning. It's impossible to convince anyone to fight to keep it on the air otherwise. Most of the people I talk to think Terra Nova was terrible and should have been cancelled or they think it was entertaining, but not enough to make a fuss over.
One could argue "Buffy" was cancelled, but by the star instead of the network, at least depending on who you listen to.

Not if you're using the word cancellation for what it actually means - ie. the halting of an already ongoing process. And since creative staff are, by definition, the primary agents of creation, there is simply no justification for calling their decision not to continue actively producing something in the first place a cancellation.
Terra Nova was a mess I hoped would get better. It didn't, but I wouldn't mind if it came back for another try. I doubt Lang would though. I admit to a soft spot for Moonlight which was the real successor to Beauty and the Beast in my mind, not this interloper remake that's on right now. It had a lot of touching moments; so it was Vincent and Catherine lite, I didn't care. Moonlight also reminded me of the too-soon-gone Canadian series, Blood Ties. Alex O'Loughlin is hooked into Hawaii 5-0 now, so...
Yeah Egghead, I know what you mean. It's a bit weird now to look back on shows like Star Trek TNG that didn't get their act together until a 3rd season, and wonder how many other shows could have similarly improved if they'd had that much time on air.

Though what happened to Drive was a real joke. Where it seemed like it was cancelled not long after it premiered..
Yikes...That was kind of a terrible list.
I feel bad about Drive - like I let Nathan Fillion down. At the time, I was a coffee and Red Bull fueled maniac who thought it was wise to both go to school full-time while working a full-time job, and so didn't watch it. I think I slept only three hours a night for that entire year. I only found out it was cancelled when I checked on it a month or two later. I still haven't watched it out of fear I might like it and be sad at its passing. Though, I will admit that the premise sounds a bit like a serious version of Rat Race, which isn't something I'm enthused about.
I like Drive all right, but I'd say it's really worth it just for the cast they assembled, both leads and secondary and tertiary. Every scene, a new, awesome face seems to pop up.
I cancelled Drive on my TV before the network did. Castle fans may thank me now.

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