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March 19 2013

Blastr lists 14 sci-fi film characters who are worthy of their own movie. Poorly spelled website lists one of the Serenity crew as a possibility.

Such a beautiful picture of Morena!
Vasquez, yes! Inara, yes as well!
Couldn't get past Arwen before it froze up.

Vasquez- too bad for Jenette Goldstein she couldn't spin the part into stardom, although I do see why she wanted to avoid tyepcasting.

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It freezes at 9 (Arwen) for me. I'm guessing Inara was somewhere between 10 and 14?
Honestly, you could probably take any individual crew member from Serenity and give them a solo adventure and it'd be pretty cool (except maybe Simon, since his story seems so dependent upon River). Personally, I would have put Zoe as my choice.
(except maybe Simon, since his story seems so dependent upon River).

Even there I think they could come up with something - in fact I am certain of it.
I can't get past Mad-Eye Mooney myself. Did anyone here get the full list?
Never mind, by using "View Source" I got the list if not the pictures:

Abraham Sapien from Hellboy and BRPD
Nightcrawler from X2: X-Men United
The Rainmaker from Looper
Captain Shakespeare from Stardust
Vasquez from Aliens
Lady Sif (and the Warriors Three) from Thor
Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter
James Gordon from the Dark Knight Trilogy
Black Widow from Iron Man 2 and the Avengers
Arwen Evenstar from the Lord of the Rings
Brain (and Maggie) from Escape from New York
Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files
Eames from Inception
Inara Serra from Serenity (quote from the article: It's already been established that there's more to her than meets the eye, and fans are still clamoring for more stories from the Firefly-verse. Why not put Inara front and center for a while?)

No power in the 'verse... :^)
Thanks for posting the list in this thread, Darkest Wicca. I'd watch the hell out of a Black Widow movie.
That's odd. I had no problem viewing all the images (i.e. the entire article).

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