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March 19 2013

Have Lunch with Miracle Laurie. Has anyone else seen this? She's doing a short film with the guy who played President Logan on 24 and the actress who played Mrs. Petrelli on Heroes. There also something stuff from the producer of Burn Notice, but the lunch with Miracle is what caught my eye. :)

Damn, I live in LA. If I only I had money :( haha.
I've been rewatching Dollhouse (Just finished "Briar Rose" but took a brief detour through Middle Earth) and was just wondering what she's been doing. Glad to see she's got a movie coming out.

Yet another "Why isn't she on TV?" actor that Joss brought to our attention.
I've always liked Gregory Itzin. His Star Trek appearances were always something to look forward to. He even appeared on Firefly.
It makes me happy that they're actually offering an AP credit for a certain amount of money. Nothing gets sillier in my mind than this new funding method and people putting in significant money into it without profit or credit.

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