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March 20 2013

Congratulations to Vincent Kartheiser. He has announced his engagement to Alexis Bledel.

Way to go, Conner!

Aw, congrats to them both.
Angel's boy is all grown up!:-) Congrats!
Holy. Wow. Surprising to me. Congrats to them both!
Rory and Connor. I can't compute with this. Watching them in Mad Men was so weird to me. Argh, i feel old.
obillow: yeah, my brain's a little woozy right now. If feels like a weird cross-over fic. Are we living in some fangirl's dream? Next there'll be songs! A crazy Broadway nightmare…

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So cool to have Rory and Connor engaged. Two my favorite teenage tv shows collide. I loved seeing them together on Mad Men. Congrats!
Such a cute couple, and now I want cross over fan fic for Rory and Connor! Featuring a dinner w/the in-laws (how would Lorelai Gilmore and Angel get along?). Don't mind me, and congratulations to a beautiful couple.
Didn't even know they were dating. Congrats Vincent!
OMG what a ridiculously cute couple. I had a hard time watching them in Mad Men as well. Couldn't unsee Alexis as Rory. I'm so happy for them!
Aww my heart is broken! ;) Have always adored Alexis! Congratulations to them both!
Genre` T.V. super couple!
How can he do this to poor Annie. She didn't get Troy or Jeff and now Connor dumps her for Rory Gilmore. I thought it would be Peggy.

Really I'm happy for them and just excited for the return of Mad Men.
There goes Connor making more stupid mistakes. He goes after the girl who's first love grew up to be a Supernatural hunter.
Pretty sure Conner can take on a Supernatural hunter (or two!). He is the Destroyer, after all. :-)

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