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March 21 2013

Jeremy Jahns reviews Serenity Jahns gives his thoughts on Firefly's follow up film, Serenity.

I love Jeremy Jahn's imitation of the Operative (perfect accent!). Great review from someone who waves his hands around a little too much.
The day Jeremy loses his enthusiasm will be a sad day indeed.
Did you see his Cabin in the Woods review? He does Fran's stoner perfectly!
I understand when he says that Mal is hardened.
And when he says that Mal can be a dick.
But those are two descriptions which shouldn't be next to each other in the same sentence.

LOL. Boba Fett got Washed! Ha ha!

That was excellent. I miss Firefly more than ever just from seeing this.
Washed! Excellent. I must use that.
Loved his review, flailing hands and all and it made me want to go watch Serenity. Since, I'm filing and doing taxes, I think I shall.
His review of Firefly is fine as well....maybe I'll watch Firefly after Serenity. ;)

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