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March 21 2013

Eliza Dushku signed up for Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. As confirmed by Kevin Smith on Twitter, Eliza will voice a character in the upcoming, animated feature. Fair warning, the film is NOT for young audiences.

Oooh, Neil Gaiman is doing a voice too. It's a little geektastic.
Link is to IMDB page that doesn't have any info. Official site is here

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Here's my money.
I have her Clerks Animated-style Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back action figure. :)
@mr_waterproof I linked to the IMDB page because it has the relevant information: That information being Eliza is in the cast. The official site currently does not contain any casting info.
There's also Kevin's twitter, where he mentioned her.
I would have linked to that for sure, but I've never figured out how to link to a single tweet. :(
On PC, to link to a tweet, right-click where it says when the tweet was posted, and click copy link address (it may be called different things in different browsers, but it should be on that menu). If you're not on a PC, just click the thing instead and it'll take you to the page for that single tweet, and you can probably figure it out from there.
I am on a PC. Thanks for that tidbit! :)

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