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March 21 2013

'Husbands' book tour with Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. Jane and Cheeks will be promoting the Husbands comic book, beginning March 29. They'll be doing Q&A and book signing. Includes a stop in London.

They'll be coming to Powell's in Portland! I'm so excited to see them.
I'm going to three of these; WonderCon, The Grove and ComicCon. They're gonna think I'm stalking them haha but in all reality, I'm going to those two Cons in general and I frequently visit The Grove.
That's my store in the picture of them together. I got to meet Jane Espenson and lost most of my power of speech.
Oh I didn't know 'Husbands' was coming out now, I'll get my pre-order in at Amazon! I wish I could go to a signing, but I'm just glad to get the comics.

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