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"I'd hate for my little untimely, horrible death concern to be ambiguous."
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March 22 2013

Fictional deaths we'll never get over. The title explains it. Two Whedon-Earth entries, the usual but in good company.

Dr. Mark Greene's death on ER hit me pretty hard at the time. The way they did it - how they acknowledged his death early on and then went back an episode later to show how he spent his final days - was just heartbreaking. It was enough to make me quit the show altogether (I was young). It took a period of several months before I would even consider going back. And when I DID finally start watching again, it just wasn't the same. I didn't realize it until after he was gone but he was my favorite character!

As for Wash, I never considered that his death might have been a metaphor for Firefly's demise. It's a bit obvious, really, now that I think about it. Somehow, it makes his death slightly easier to accept.
I'd probably include Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. That was such a Whedonesque-death, in that she (and we) were overjoyed at the prospect of her starting a family with her beloved husband, Worf. Then, for no reason at all other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she's killed.
I recall a couple threads at UPN's Threaded Bronze discussing the relevance of Mark Greene and Tara Maclay dying about the same time (Okay, I started them *grin.)
They left out Kal Penn on 'House', I even joined the facebook page 'RIP Dr. Kutner' (of course out of nowhere suicide always upsets me, and I loved Kutner.... I know Kal was going to work for the White House, but still).

I'm wary about even discussing forums. I lost two years of my life somewhere in a Battlestar Galactica forum trying to convince everyone else that the cylons did indeed have a plan. And that's time I can never get back.

However, Tara's death was sudden and unexpected. We knew Mark Greene was terminally ill long before his death. I don't mean to be a prude, but I don't see any relevance.
Egghead: I tend to get hung up on timing (this is a general thing with me, not just regarding TV) so I raised it for discussion at the one site I was going to back then *grin. Trust me, I grasp your distinction.

The year before, TV Guide used Mark and Joyce as one of their 5 BtVS/ER parallells.

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HAHA @egghead, I can sympathize with your lost time.

The problem with many science fiction deaths is that they're not always permanent. Many of my favorite characters from Stargate died...over and over again. I liked that most of Joss Whedon's characters stayed dead, and when they came back in some way, there were consequences (e.g. Fred/Illyria, Angel, and to an extent, Joyce).
Ana Lucia Cortez. It's the only character death that actually made me so disgruntled I stopped watching the show.
@ BringItOn5x5:

That's what a friend of mine is always saying. I'm curious, were you also hoping she'd hook up with Jack?
Honestly, I wasn't as concerned with who she was with. I just liked her take charge, no nonsense approach to being on the island. A lot of times the castaways seemed to me to be an overly emotional and angsty bunch that just weren't reacting all that rationally to the circumstances. Ana Lucia had a way of cutting through all of that and getting to the bottom line. I liked S1 well enough, but after seeing what she added to the show, I just found myself constantly frustrated with the remaining castaways once she was gone.
Yes, her tendency of just cutting through all the bullshit to achieve a goal is what made her interesting. I only ask about Jack because that seems to be the thing most people I talked to were irked about: that Jack and Ana never got their chance. You're actually the first I've heard say anything nice about her that wasn't related to romance or the general worship of Michelle Rodiguez.

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Tara is the fictional death that I've not "gotten over." She was such an overlooked character due of her shyness, but not all people I look up to are bold and outspoken. Happily fanfic has softened the blow. I like to think Willow and Tara are still very much a couple and together in alternate fictional universes. And being a W&T fan as I am, I find it strange that the comics have But I suppose story tellers are like cats. They don't always go where you want them to. Sometimes that makes things more interesting. Sometimes not.
Amber Benson expressed a desire for Tara to remain unquestionably dead and gone. Perhaps Joss and co. are respecting that?
I'd never thought of Wash's death as a metaphor of Firefly's untimely demise either, but it really does make sense.

Has Joss ever said it was intended that way?
Not that I recall. I was annoyed with Wash's death for a long while, so I avoided the subject.
As I recall, Alan wanted his character to die. Like Joss, he saw the direction the series was going so he wanted an admirable end. Which I thought was well done on Joss' apart, but that's just me.

As for Tara, there was a whole heap of drama there. Truly wish there wasn't because I felt it impacted the seventh season of BtVS. Again, just my thoughts. Others may think otherwise.
Egghead, quantumac: The party line at Dark Horse is that they want death to mean something in the Buffyverse.

Madhatter: Several fans have sketched out ways that could be very true.

It says something about me that Willow and Tara are the only couple who stretch across all my ficverses including one-shots.

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