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March 23 2013

Cool Xander-centric Gif-a-thon on Buzzfeed. Titled: "32 Ways You Relate To Xander on 'Buffy'" Sweet, random awesomeness like the Xand-man himself.

#27 hits me right in the gut. Oof! *tear*

[ edited by Jonnathan on 2013-03-23 06:51 ]
That was great. Makes me miss the Scoobies so much.
That was indeed awesomeness.
oh the feels! xander <3
Missing the "shakes apparantly broken crucifix" scene.
awww! gotta love xander
Yes Kaiuno, that is one of my favourite scenes - I try and reenact that in certain circumstances.
The cross shaking scene, two seconds of sheer brilliance!
They hit most of my feels! I was totally a female-version of Xander in high school with a splash of Willow.
Aww, Xander... <3

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