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March 24 2013

Happy birthday to Alyson Hannigan. She turns 39 today.

So do I, so there's that.

I can't believe Willow is almost 40!! Growing up her character was my celebrity crush, now she's 6 years off my mum's age! That feels wrong somehow. Happily she still looks like a teen wicca! Happy birthday Alyson!
Happy birthday, Simon! And Alyson!
Happy Happy birthday Alyson, wishing you happiness love and blessings. Peace
Happy birthday to Aly and Simon.

I assume the odds of Simon reading this are greater than Aly....Thanks for all your efforts 365 Simon!
Happy Birthday Simon! Thank you for all of your hard work.

And of course, Happy Birthday to Aly!
Happy birthday Simon and thanks for all you do!
(and Happy birthday Alyson, too!)
Happy birthday to my husband. :D

And to Aly!
Happy birthday, Simon!
Happy birthday, Simon!
Happy Birthday Simon! Thanks for all that you do!
Haps to the B,
Simon and Aly!
(Bonus points for rhyming?)
Happy birthday , Simon! And to Aly! And to my friend's kid, Madelyn, who turned 9 today!
Happy birthday, Simon and Aly! Hope you have a great day!
she doesnt look it at all
Happy birthday Aly! Happy birthday Simon! Happy birthday Madelyn! Birthday wishes all round!
Happy birthday Simon! (and Aly! and Madelyn).
A merry birthday, Simon, wishing you the best!

And to Aly as well.
Kept trying to keep count on my fingers, but I lost it on the second run. Simon, isn't that 34? If I'm off, blame my fingers and the ability to count :)
Happy Birthday Alyson, My husband and I love all your work!
Happy Birthday, Alyson!
Happy birthday Simon!

And Alyson still looks great. Once HIMYM is over, it'd be cool if Alexis and Alyson could do a series together as leads.
Happy birthday, Simon! And many more!
Happy Birthday to Aly and Sati (and Simon!)

ar5chon: I have this vague idea (not even a rumor, just a throwaway line on _HIMYM_) Aly is already looking at a series where she'll be playing a doctor.
DCA, off-topic, but are you able to get on to AHAS? I've been getting an error for several days now.
Rowan Hawthorn; Nope, same here for 4 out of 5 days last week, haven't checked with Al or hemiola. Probably same deal.
Okay, not just me, then.
Happy Birthday Simon! (If that had been the thread title, I'd have checked it out sooner :) ) Wishing you a wonderful Whedonesque year!
Happy Birthday to Simon and Willow (oh yes, and to Alyson). Thanks for all the memories.

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