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March 24 2013

Joss and Tom Hiddleston have talked about Avengers 2. Although it's not confirmed that Loki is in Avengers 2, Tom Hiddleston and Joss Whedon have talked about the second Avengers film.

Which is a giant step up from the last time Tom was asked if he was going to be in Avengers 2, he said he hadn't talked to Joss about it but would love to if asked.

I haven't learned so much from an article on the Internet since wikipedia was invented.
Not one to follow all the Marvel it at all possible that Loki turns "good" and helps the Avengers at any time in the history of the Thor comics? If so, I can just imagine the snarky zingers Joss would write if Loki would end up helping :D
Well, Avengers 2 might have Thanos as the big bad, who was working behind the scenes in Avengers 1 and who Loki failed to carry out his plans. So it's possible that Thanos might want to go after Loki to punish him for his failure.
ktara-Loki is the trickster god, so we see a bunch of possibilities. no need going into them too much-we expect to see some good movies. i will say that another shot at Loki is what Joss needs. Loki told not one lie in The Avengers. (Jim Starlin said he'd like to see Arnold as Thanos...THERE'S a sequel for you.)

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Loki works towards his own ends at all times. He's been known to team up with the Avengers, but not necessarily from good intentions. At least, that's my understanding from a good friend who knows the comics pretty well.
I'd have thought he'd have a cameo/small part purely because Thanos will want to punish Loki's 'failure'.

What would be even better was if Joss talked to Tom about his next holiday/down time Shakespeare production. Please?
At least during Simonson's defining run on the series, Loki helps fight the (big) bad guys AND has time to make Thor's life as miserable as possible. Like BarryC said, Loki is a trickster, and like Joss said, Loki is a diva.
Arnold would be OK casting for Thanos on a physical level but his accent would take you out of the moment, so to speak. Too iconic and distracting at this point. If Loki ends up in Avengers 2, you'll have to be impressed that the character has managed to put together his own 4 movie Marvel franchise!
What would be even better was if Joss talked to Tom about his next holiday/down time Shakespeare production. Please?

While this would be fun, It might be a litte strange since his current production features American accents all around. So unless he's picking a production with mixed up nationalities, he'd end up with a hodge-podge in terms of accents since Hiddleston's American could use some work and while I know Marsters and Denisof are at least respected for their imitations of various British accents, I'm not sure how many others from his troupe could do it convincingly.

And if you just need the "bulk", guys like Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel could probably fill that roll. I'm not sure about their acting chops for it. Bulky action guys generally aren't highly sought after for complex dramatic work so I have no idea if they could pull it off.
Wow. Even if Hiddleston's American accent were perfect, having him do SHAKESPEARE in an imitated American accent simply to avoid "a hodge-podge of accents" is one of the weirdest ideas I've ever heard! Funny. :)

I personally wouldn't mind a mix of accents. They were actually going to have Tony Head in Much Ado before scheduling conflicts came along, weren't they? So, maybe not much of an issue to Joss, either... and come to think of it, Joss likes to throw an English accent in the mix, doesn't he? All his shows apart from Firefly have an English character in the main cast.
I know next to nothing about the comics, so I don't if it's a match in terms of "vibe", but I really enjoyed David Denman's Skip -- could he work as Thanos?
Here is the interview with Tom Hiddleston.
Nice, thank you BuffyFirefly! I hope Loki is in it, I liked what OneTeV said:
Loki helps fight the (big) bad guys AND has time to make Thor's life as miserable as possible.
That sounds a little bit like Spike, and you know he always brightened up a scene!
I hope Thanos punishes Loki by taking away his helmet with the horns :)
@darling - Since when is keeping your characters consistent in terms of accents when that's what the setting would suggest in a film funny? Perhaps you could have flipped a different accent in for the Dons. But still, it is incredibly off putting for some to see related characters that don't sound like they'd be related.

I don't mind the mix as a general point, but I'm used to the theater. In film though, where I'm going to see the same takes spliced together four or five times, it does become noticeable to me fairly quickly. I'd hardly be the first person to make that complaint.
azzers, it's not like everybody in "Much Ado About Nothing" (or most if not all of Shakespeare's other plays) is related to everybody else. Leonardo and Hero should have the same accent, as father and daughter. Maybe Beatrice, as Leonardo's niece. And Don Pedro and Don John are brothers. But other than that, I don't think there are any other characters who we'd necessarily expect to have come from the same place. And since, as someone earlier pointed out, Anthony Stewart Head was supposed to have played Leonato (I deduce this because it's said he was replaced by Clark Gregg, who plays Leonato), who is the uncle of Beatrice, played by Amy Acker, it was only availability, rather than Whedon shying away from it, that prevented uncle and niece from having different accents. I'm not saying that you finding this off-putting isn't reasonable - you are wholly entitled to your preferences - just that I don't think that an English accent among American ones would prevent Joss Whedon from casting someone.

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@azzers - I apologise for my insensitive wording. I did not mean to cause offense. I do see your point, and hopefully we can simply agree to disagree on the ultimate importance of everyone sharing an accent. (Is it just characters who are related to each other? What if Joss gave Hiddleston a character not related to the rest? I mean, the original suggestion didn't even specify which Shakespeare play they should do together. But I guess this is derailing the conversation more than slightly.)

Not much more for me to say, as I fully agree with the points @Shapenew just made. Simply nodding in agreement.
I have read that Shakespeare's own accent resembled some American Southern accents more than the standard accent used by British Shakespearean actors. This is not altogether surprising since some Elizabethan words and constructions survived in rural Appalachia down to the present time, after disappearing from other dialects of English.

One or more Shakespearean plays acted in the reconstructed historical accent have been made into sound recordings. I presume some of the reconstruction was based on lines with end rhymes that don't work anymore. I haven't had a chance to listen to a speech of any length done this way. I would love to hear what it sounds like.
@azzers what darling said. A mix of accents isn't so strange.
OneTeV-I merely pointed it out-talented writers wrote it as his definition. (i shied away from reading about him because i could never get the pronounciation right..."low-keye')
having seen Thor-Hiddleston must do a mean Iago.
btw, i'm pretty sure Joss has always had a non-idotic choice for Thanos. (Arnie, Rock, and Vin have their strenghts-but these Marvel movies require something else.)

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