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March 25 2013

io9's Whedon Invitational Tournament 2013! In honor of March Madness, the sci fi site is offering a best show competition outside of the rest of the various fantasy offerings because "long experience from previous io9 tournaments has taught us that Buffy, Firefly, and company are just too big to play well with others."

A quick look at the bracket, much less the polling so far, shows the Slayer is going to be facing off against Fillion yet again, although he'll be wearing tight pants and spewing less woman-hate this time.
Poor Angel and Dollhouse never had a chance.
Aye, I'm one of those who periodically thinks that Angel was Joss' best show.
I voted for Angel. Felt sorry for the big lug.

My husband just watched Dollhouse for the first time. He really liked it.
I voted for Angel over Firefly as well; it is actually preference. For me, it's Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly. Love them all, but in that order.
I voted for Angel as well. It's my favorite of his shows, and I tend to root for the underdog.
Interesting, I voted Angel as well. Tough call, but the Wes development outdoes the negative of the pregnancy and pushes it over the top. I wonder how many voters have seen all of the series and not just a few. (Actually one of my biggest gripes with any voting scenario, especially the major award shows)
3. No Joss Whedon. After Serenity's controversial upset victory in our movie bracket a couple years ago, we decided that there's no show in the verse that can stand up to the legions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly fans. That's why we're sending Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse into the much more exclusive Whedon Invitational Tournament, which will give the shows the chance to duke it for the title of Greatest Joss Whedon Show of Them All. We'll reveal the W.I.T. bracket a little later on in the tournament.

Generally speaking, we tried to hit a balance between a show's overall importance to the sci-fi and fantasy genres and its current place in pop culture -- this meant that there were some older and non-American personal favorites (I'm still weeping over UFO, you guys) that we just couldn't find a place for. This also helped determine the seeding, but remember that a show's seed is just a starting point. If you think one of your favorite shows is ranked too low, make sure to vote for it and help make it the great underdog story of the tournament!

So, it's going to be Buffy vs. Firefly....this is going to get rough! grrr, arghhh.
Love Firefly, but Buffy is my girl forever!
I'm sure Buffy wins once the peeps have spoken, but I too think a strong argument can be made for Angel. Really loved the last three seasons.
Buffy and Angel all the way for me - they're all good obviously, but Firefly is actually my least favorite Joss show.

I also voted for The X Files over original Star Trek. I know it's the one that started it all, but I've never been able to get into 60s Trek - if it was The X Files vs TNG or DS9, I'd have gone with Trek.
I went with Buffy, because it's (IMO) obviously far superior to Dollhouse, and Angel (mostly for Wes, whom I adore). And also because a single season of Firefly, brilliant and beautiful as it is, doesn't quite compare to the emotional investment I have in the 5 seasons of Angel. At least not today. Tomorrow I might feel differently.

This would be more fun and interesting if it were individual seasons .... like, Firefly might well be my favorite season of a Whedon show, but can't compete with all seven seasons of Buffy combined. But it could definitely compete with S3 of Buffy and S3 of Angel, which are probably my favorite seasons of those shows. (Buffy S7 and Dollhouse S1 would be competing with Angel S4 for least-favorite.)
I love me some Firefly, but I voted Angel. In the five seasons of Angel there is a lot lot lot to love. It was hugely accomplished in so many ways, and so incredibly entertaining, moving, and thought provoking. Firefly is great but you just can't compare what Angel accomplished with Firefly's limited semi-season.

I also love Dollhouse, but seriously, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the greatest television narratives EVER. That was an easy choice.

More difficult was the X-Files vs Star Trek match. I ultimately voted for Scully and Mulder fightin' the conspiracy...
With Nathan Fillion being so popular these days, Firefly is never far from anyone's thoughts. And Buffy has been drowned with a ridiculous amount of vampire lore in recent years - most of it awful. Personally, I don't think our resident slayer stands a chance. But then again, the scoobies have had a lot longer to build their foundation in our hearts. This is a toughie.

Firefly FTW! It might be tough for the rest of you, that is. I'm a browncoat for liiiiife!
Firefly FTW! It might be tough for the rest of you, that is. I'm a browncoat for liiiiife!

Same here, Egghead. :-)))
But thanks to all you Angel-ites: it means that I'm still in for many joyful episodes of Angel. (I got 'stuck' at episode 17 or so...)

So much Whedon-goodness yet to come!


I love all of Joss' shows and I would vote for all of them, but if we HAVE to pick among them, then I'm a Browncoat!
I found the Star Trek (my first love and seed from which so much I love was formed) vs X-Files (Mulder!) much harder to deal with. I voted for X-Files because I knew Star Trek would win without me.
Actually, much as I did not like Dollhouse, I find that of all Joss' TV shows, I like Angel the least. I never made it past S3, try as I might. It never spoke to me at all. Maybe the metaphor did not resonate. I am a Buffy fan, big time. Firefly would a distant #2.
Buffy > anything else Whedon has done. (For the record, my second favorite thing by him is Astonishing X-Men.) The other three are pretty close for me, I like them all. I think that Angel at its best wipes the floor with Firefly... however, a lot of it was not close to its best, and when I thought of season 4, what the show did with Cordelia and Fred, and The Girl In Question... I had to vote for Firefly.
Buffy. Always. And I love me some Firefly... but she is the core, the beginning and the ultimate. All you need to know how to handle in life is right there being lived by the Scoobies. Wednesday I must remember to go vote "Buffy"...

It may simply not be to your taste, but I've found Angel to be a slow-burner. Each time I've watched it through I've liked it a little bit more, and now I enjoy it almost as much as Buffy.

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