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March 26 2013

Sofa Dogs Podcast commentary for Angel: Reprise with special guest Tim Minear. John Pavlich is joined by Tim Minear for another podcast commentary. This time, they discuss episode 15 of ANGEL's second season, Reprise.

Previous SOFA DOGS episodes in which Tim guested can be found here (Dollhouse, episode "Omega") and here (Dollhouse, episode "True Believer") and here (Dollhouse Q&A recorded after the "True Believer" commentary).

Tim most recently also guested on Redemptioncast last November for a commentary on one of his most beloved episodes, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? which you can find here. Before that he was on Redemption to talk about the ANGEL season 1 episode Hero and you can check that out here. Tim also did a Q&A with Redemptioncast covering anything from ANGEL to Dollhouse and Terriers, which can be found here.

Ahh, my favorite episode of Angel -- because of the light despair and so forth. Been wanting a commentary for this one since first buying the DVDs.
@Jackal Isn't there a commentary track already on the DVD? I could swear there is.

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That was wonderful- thank you! I always wanted a commentary for this episode.

@D-e-f No the only episodes which had a commentary on the Season 2 DVDs were AYNOHYEB and Over the Rainbow.

I would LOVE a commentary for Darla too.
Hm I guess Tim talked about Reprise so much elsewhere that I constructed a reality in my mind where that happened on an official commentary track.

@faith in Angel: I wouldn't be surprised if Tim returned to either Redemptioncast or Sofa Dogs for a commentary on Darla at some point in the futre (maybe during the Holiday break again? Who knows!).

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