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March 26 2013

David Boreanaz comments on whether he'd consider a fan-financed Angel film. Probably not, he tells TV Guide. "Joss Whedon is too busy to do that, so I don't think it will ever happen. I've never been a big reunion guy. But I'd love to do a Bones film."

That's a shame. I seem to remember him saying at a convention in 2010 or 2011 he'd do an Angel movie if Joss wanted to do it. I like Bones...but I also feel like they're starting to beat that horse to death. Angel is much more cinematic than Bones is.

It's expected but it bums me out regardless. In one way ANGEL ended so perfectly yet I can't help but imagine how incredible a sixth season would've been with more Illyria/Wes scenes. That's literally all I would really need. Those two were just unbelievable together. Ah well, back to pretending Much Ado About Nothing is just Illyria and Wesley role-playing in an alternate dimension. Ha!

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He'd do it. Like anyone would say 'no' to Joss these days.
I personally think he inhabits Booth as a character much more fully and comfortably than he did Angel, and once this season is done for "Bones", he'll have done it for longer as well.

Plus, by the time Joss would even be available to want to do an "Angel" movie, they'd need to James Cameron-ify him back into anything that could pass as someone who hasn't aged since *at least* Season 5 of "Angel" (who already had long since blown past suspension of disbelief for immortality with early seasons). Don't get me wrong, I think he's a more handsome man in his early 40s than he was in his late 20s/early 30s, but he clearly doesn't look like he hasn't aged since then.
what an angel movie huh! kinda reminds me of the fact they did a buffy movie and they want to try an angel movie now, next i'll hear there will be a spike movie too!
His lack of enthusiasm for "reunions" makes me sad. I know he's just a guy who does this for a living but I like to dream that actors love these characters and worlds as much as I do.
I don't know why David is so intent to keep himself distanced from Angel. There must be a story there I haven't heard. Bones was a good show, and David played that part well. But the show just isn't interesting any more. I watched it from the first, but stopped watching early this season, since there wasn't a single ep of it this year that I actually enjoyed. So as far as I'm concerned, it's time to put that one out of its misery. Angel could have done much more, though. Just like Buffy. And I was always disappointed they never made Faith.
I love that David lives in the now and is fully committed to the present and his present gig. I find it hilarious that fans expect him to love Angel as much as they do. It was a job for him. Work. Money. A way to pay the mortgage. And that is perfectly ok. I wish people would leave him alone about it.
Did anyone actually think an Angel film could happen? I was and still am as devastated as anybody over Angel's cancelation, but everyone's moved on. We should do.
These questions to producers and actors about kickstarting their beloved but canceled/ended show are getting to be as embarrassing as fans trying to raise money to buy Firefly. Ugh.
I never thought a Angel film would happen.I always figured it would be a Buffy movie featuring the surviving characters from both casts/shows.

But I think that time has passed and Joss is getting to tell more Buffy and Angel stories via the canon continuation comics..I don't think Joss really has a real drive to do a movie for the verse with the comics now.He's getting to tell his next chapters there.
I'd be more open to having an Angel film than a Buffy one, there is no need to revisit her story because the ending was perfect but with Angel...i'm still sad he didn't 'Shanshu'. I think David probably would do if it was feasible but let's face it, it isn't. For David, its almost been 10 years since he's played the character and his life has changed since then, i'd totally respect his decision if he didn't want to do it as well. I think over the last couple of years he's been talking about Angel more than he used to but he's focused on Bones now and when that ends, it will be the next thing.
It's a perfectly nice dream to think about getting more stories from a Whedonverse we loved, but I don't indulge in speculation after the fact (like Jeff Pruitt's parable, recently posted here) as to why, and who perhaps had/has sour grapes, and don't know if David distances himself from Angel, but I hope he will always be be proud of his work on the show. I'll always love it as I do Buffy.
Regarding David Boreanaz's self-distancing from the character of Angel, and the Whedon shows he worked on, etc., what I am reminded of -- as an old school Who-mo -- was Tom Baker and his self-distancing from the character of the Doctor, and the show Doctor Who generally. During the classic era, he was by far the most popular Doctor, and the most long running, but after he left the show, he never attended conferences, made appearances, did DW audio work, etc. He cut himself off from the show and the role that made him famous. Now, years later, he has mellowed in this regard and now fully embraces his Who years, to the point where he is doing Who audio adventures, and so forth. I don't think it is strange that actors distance themselves from roles they have become identified with. I think some actors live with a kind of terror that they will be typecast, and/or that their glory years will always be in the past and as part of that specific role. It would be nice for all the fans if everyone was as continually and happily engaged with their past work as, say, Nathan Fillion, or James Marsters have been, but it just isn't the case. I can only say that I hope Boreanaz is happy with his past work, and, perhaps in a few years, and some more work under his belt, maybe he'll lighten up when it comes to all things Whedon-verse. That said, I've never heard him complain about his past work, and he always seems gracious.

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I remember seeing an interview of him and James during season 5, & he mentioned not really socializing with colleagues during a show, so it always seemed to me that he is a "strictly work" guy. I do like Bones & he does a fine job of portraying Booth, but I think the character of Angel has more depth and his acting had more range (as the writing & character demanded of him). But yeah, people move on. And it does seem that he's specifically referring to a movie without Joss. So, who knows?
I attended Comic-Con last year and went to the Bones panel, and one of the last questions was if David would want to work with Joss again.

And David said "I'd love to work with Joss again! Please fans, let's make this happen!"

And he only had nice things to say about his work in the Buffyverse, so I think David would love to do an Angel film, he just thinks it won't be possible.
Shows in the real world do "reunions." Fantasy and s-f- shows do new adventures in the 'verse.
It also may be that he doesn't want to take a chance on tarnishing our and his good memories of a cherished show.
What I'd love to see would be more Buffyverse actors appearing in new Joss projects like Dr Horrible and Much Ado.

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