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March 26 2013

Buffy/Angel vs. Buffy/Spike. At risk of (re)igniting the age-old shipper wars, EW is hosting a poll.

*runs for cover*

I thought "shipper" talk wasn't allowed here?
I voted for Buffy/Blade.
Thus it suffices to say that I voted with a song in my heart. But without vitriolic bantering about my answer. Because we don't get into those things in here. (Ron and Hermione for the win!) (I -HAD- to say something shippy.) (Imagine how I do with "do not touch" signs...)

Oh why does that make me laugh with glee. Is it shipping when this topic has finally become satire?
come on now its buffy/angel she went to spike when she was "dark" and if we are nit picking, darla/angel spike/dru

wait, that's another fandom and it isn't even canon.

Or, is it? ;) *still in 817 backlash*

Is it hypocritical that I rolled my eyes when I saw this post, clicked on the link, didn't bother reading the article and just voted? No. I thought not, just checking.

I would totally pay to see Buffy/Blade! If only to watch Spike and Angel mope and bond over how Blade wasn't technically a vampire, he didn't SPARKLE in the sun and, really, did he even have a soul?
Tonya, it's the only way I can cope. Buffy/Blade OTP! Or love triangle with him and Hannibal King!
Great muppety Odin, already 19 pages of comments at that poll. Oh, EW, you're so fanbaity.
I think I like both. But then, I also like Riley. Maybe I just want Buffy to be happy...?
But what about Buffy and The Immortal? Wasn't that true love? LOL!
@Mirage: You didn't miss anything. The article is so ridiculously biased that no hardcore shipper comments could match it. But judging by the current results of the poll, it seems that their "voting instructions" didn't work.
KoC, no worries. I laughed with glee because I loved the image that conjured in my mind.
Dean/Castiel for the win! There's so much truly horrific shipping fighting in parts of the Supernatural fandom right now that I just laughed and laughed at this old shipping war. So quaint!

I have half a mind to troll it for Spangel.
It's like the most commented article EW has for now.

Amazing for a show that ended ten years ago
I hate that polls like this discount the passionate sub-fanbase that is Buffy/Parker.
I can't believe that people still rise to the bait every single time.
Dean/Cas? Stiles/Derek all the way! Oh, different poll.

I thought all these problems were solved by OT3 now? Or maybe that's just the fanfic I've been reading...
There's only one explanation for all of this couple, threesome, quad wish-fulfillment: Take it away, Frank! (I've been dying to have a reason to do this for some time)

Those fingers in my hair ...
Sigh, a poll I don't take sides in. So i odn't have to worry about voting, yay! :-)*

Mirage, Kaz 23, Leaf: after Lenore I never want good things for Castiel or any other character Mischa Collins plays ever in his career.

*Heck, my main ficverse, "The children of the Dale" is B/A, "The world Beyond the Wall" 'verser is B/S (so is a non=supernatural oneshot piece I did in '02) and my new "Ice Age Buffy" is B/Faith. So I got the most popular hcoices sewn up.

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2013-03-27 13:19 ]
I think it's about time Scott Hope was remembered here. And all those other no-hopers Buffy turned down - Ben (no, not Glory, Ben who did Sophomore algebra with Buffy) and, arguably, Ben (somehow connected to Glory) and Owen Thurman - surely someone will vote Buwen?

Yeah, I voted.
Oh come on people, clearly Buffy/Parker is the one true pairing!
Sorry, embers, it's about time you accepted defeat and jumped on the Buffy/Owen bandwagon. Or mortuary trolley. Whichever.
I love the wit present here. This is turning out to be one of the funnest topics posted in awhile. As a side note: I stopped watching Supernatural awhile back but now have to google what exactly it was Castiel did that pissed off DaddyCatALSO.
I voted. However, for me the best TV couple isn't a Whedonverse couple (gasp!). It's Coach and Tammi Taylor from Friday Night Lights, y'all.
Speaking of Friday Night Lights, I could totally get behind a Buffy/Riggins pairing.

ETA: Oooooh... Hadley/Merman! Best Whedonverse romance ever!

[ edited by WindTheFrog on 2013-03-27 00:00 ]
Looks like they've got shipper polls going for a bunch of other shows: True Blood, Lost, Dawson's Creek (really?). If EW is doing this whole series specifically to bait shipper wars and bring traffic to their site.......well, then, they're geniuses, because it's absolutely definitely working.

Also, Bill Compton is losing to Eric Northman, baaaaad.

And I'm not surprised about True Blood. I'm the only person I know who likes Bill.

[ edited by redeem147 on 2013-03-27 02:38 ]
redeem147, I like Bill - I think he has better chemistry with Sookie than Eric does, though I think Eric is a swell character.

And just looked at the poll - "into an Acathla dimension"? Just me, or actually funny?

[ edited by Shapenew on 2013-03-27 05:59 ]
Eh, why is there never a both/threesome option?
Well, they didn't offer Buffy/Satsu or Buffy/Willow as options, so screw'em... :-)
@redeem147, my husband is a huge Bill fan, and I don't mind him either.
DaddyCatALSO Castiel was under a lot of pressure at the time (not an excuse!) and he only gave Lenore what she wanted, Misha had nothing to do with it ;p

Tonya J, SPN S8 actually did a turn around for me as I too almost stopped watching, I recommend catching up!

SPANGEL ALL THE WAY. Buffy never really got over Pike.
Mirage: Oh, I know all that. I just enjoy unreasonable fixations.

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