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March 26 2013

(SPOILER) Buffy # 20 Preview Pages. Courtesy of CBR.

My guess is that Severin's gonna try and strike a bargain with Xander... the time-space fold-y thing that just happened looks pretty much like Illyria's power from the previous arc.
Very promising start - we haven't see nearly enough Xander this season. And Joyce! Okay it is only a photograph, but this harks back to 8.01 with Buffy's statement of "I miss my Mom."

Always good to see that the characters still miss and think about those they lost.
I think that is Noto's best cover to date.
LOVE the callback to Bad Eggs! An episode I adore, mostly for the Buffy/Xander teamage.

I don't mind Xander thinking he was useless this time. He watched Giles die before his eyes and now he's watching Dawn die and he can do nothing about it. Feeling helpless and useless is very understandable.

I'm surprised that Xander would leave Dawn's side and go back to his apartment. Feels a bit off. I understand they were going for the angst, but it doesn't feel in character.
Helplessness. Relateable

Buffy's stories at their best.
Sorry, but I'm missing the Bad Eggs callback... ?
No body around to save the day but Buffy and Xander. They probably didn't intend for it to be a Bad Eggs callback, but I felt it was. The way Buffy counted all the help that wasn't there and ended with a doubtful "us", it felt pretty much like Bad Eggs when less than intelligent Buffy and Xander were the only hope to figure out what was going on.
I made a comparison to "Bad Eggs" and how it feels quite like the other time Buffy and Xander realized they were the great brain trust that remained to solve a mystery, but that what was once just funny is now deadly serious.
Xander in pain and self-loathing. Must read.

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