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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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March 26 2013

Watch the first 14 minutes of Julie Benz' new show "Defiance". SyFy teases the new show featuring Benz as the mayor of a post-alien invasion St. Louis.

Yay "this content is currently unavaibale."

Thumbs up for geo-blocking. :/
Blocked in Canada. It was filmed in Canada!! I pleaded with via twitter since they are showing the series in Canada. No doubt, lawyers will be involved. (Wolfram & Hart)
I was raised in St. Louis, so I'm actually pretty excited about this show. Looking forward to the hometown shout-outs (against the backdrop of the Vancouver seawall, no doubt :p).
I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere but somebody explain to me why entertainment content that you are promoting to a global audience would be blocked from most of said globe. Bizarre.
Because the networks are only worried about people in their area watching, and usually they haven't licensed it for global streaming from the studio. If you're in Canada, you don't matter to them. (The business model is broken for today).
The guy is terrible, at least in the first few minutes in the truck. The singing is a nice moment, though. Effects look good, and that one bad guy reminds of me Two-Fry because of his very fine hat.
Are they promoting it to a global audience?
Well it's airing on the SyFy channels in the UK, France, Ireland and Germany the next day. And I assume the MMO tie-in is global.
Yeah, I mean eventually aren't all shows going for a global market? As gossi notes, seems like a broken business model to me.
Okay, finally watched this. Agreed that the guy is terrible in the truck, but he seems to be better outside--wonder if he just had issues with the pretend-driving? His steering looked like Anya's.

Otherwise, I'm intrigued. Liked the singing. Am assuming that terraforming is the reason St. Louis is suddenly surrounded by massive cliffs. They've got me for the pilot. Very much enjoying the relationship between the guy and the alien.

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