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March 26 2013

How Joss' setbacks could make S.H.I.E.L.D. better. io9 goes through what can be learned from Firefly's cancellation, Goners no-show, Buffy: Animated that never was and other setbacks.

Alll of these "lessons learned" make me think of a very insightful comment that Kevin Conroy made to an interviewer recently about how the division of labor works in the performing arts, namely that
Theater is where the actors are in charge, TV is where the writers are in charge, and film is where the directors are in charge. Each one is a medium for a different talent.

which, of course, just underlines why it is being multi-talented is such a curse.
Personally I think that SHIELD can be the perfect vehicle to explore all the things that Joss didn't get to do in both Firefly and Dollhouse. I really think he'll have the freedom to get into strange and wonderful sci-fi fun/angst. This could be his best show ever. With Jed and Maurissa backing him up (they have already proved in both Doctor Horrible and Dollhouse that they can be relied on 100%) there is nothing he cannot accomplish.
I think the "mistakes" (not the word I'd use, so I'm putting it in quotes) with "Firefly" and "Dollhouse" were working for a regime that neither understood nor wanted what they had and with "Goners," the project was victim to a regime change at Universal. I'm pretty sure Marvel/Disney understands and wants Joss Whedon's take on their "Avengers"/"Shield" universe, it seems unlikely the Marvel/Disney partnership will dissolve any time soon and I don't think ABC particularly wants to clash with Disney. So I don't think those previous "mistakes" are factors this time around, to be learned from or otherwise.
Not really; there is always somebody in charge. Its not a writer, nor a director, nor an actor; he or she can be those things as a secondary thing, but in the end, the only talent in theater, tv or cinema thats really primal is for the person or persons in charge to know how to be in charge.
Goners wasn't merely the victim of regime change at Universal. The seemingly endless rewrite process was underway in 2007; Parent didn't leave the studio until 2008. (It did, however, seems to basically cease to be an interest after she left.)

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I'd pay BIG money to read the script for Goners. Or even a plot summary. I was never so hyped for a project I knew so little about before that.
Aye, me too, eddy. Us gonerses make up our own stories, but they lack, well, a certain canonicity. ; ] Like, any.

Great article - comprehensive and accurate on the less-than-satisfying experiences of Joss' career. Made for a nice change from the usual "We published this for teh hits and teh thrills" story.

b!X, funny, was just about to post the link to your site...)
If Joss hadn't worked with a regime who didn't understand the project, we wouldn't have Firefly. For all Fox did to sabotage that show, they were the only network willing to put it on the air. People forget that. Fox takes risks that other network shows don't, and before the recent cable boom, it was the only tv station that did so.
Goners would be the perfect project for Kickstarter. Not sure if Joss owns the rights to it though.
I think the rights would still be Universal's, unless it got released into the wild & we didn't know.


ETA: BTW, if anyone should want to join the small & ragtag bunch at Goners, you can let me know on twitter @quotergal or the email in my profile - we'd had to close registration because of the many hungry, nibbling spammers.

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But seriously its been so long now who's to know Joss would still want to do it? Or if he hasn't already stolen a lot of ideas from the script in his other work, like he has done with Afterlife.
This mainly just makes me want to see Joss and co. go through with Buffy Animated now.
The last time Joss expressed any interest in Goners was that event in Sydney in August 2010. So, yeah, by the time he's out of his Marvel contract (and even if he got the rights back) it might be so long gone it's just not relevant to him anymore. Who knows.
I am just glad to hear his opinion on Origins:Wolverine. He was as nice about that as one can be. I think his past experiences won't be mirrored at this point in time. He and Kevin understand HOW the movies go together...and HOW the TV show can add to it, and TV in general.
The bigger question will be 'can they handle the success?' moreso than 'can they find success at all costs?' Someone got Kenneth Freakin' Branaugh to make a superhero movie-with SIR Anthony Hopkins!! I don't think its a stretch to say that these guys have saved the Marvel/Disney empire. ancient Disney was great...the modern Disney was good...currently? not much to speak of... and ABC? the days of Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family rule are pretty much one can imagine Kevin strutting the corridors as if to say, "who makes hits?!? THIS GUY! Get Joss on the blower, luv.")

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