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March 27 2013

Whedon tournament final on It's down to Buffy vs Firefly.

How does one compare a 7 season show to a 1 season show? They aren't referring to Serenity, so that's out. Personally, I think many tend to judge Firefly based on its potential and its film sequel Serenity more than the one season that aired. Sure, quality is more important than quantity, but still seems like an odd battle. Plus, I think we can all agree both are quality shows.
Did anyone NOT see that final matchup coming?
Shocking. @libradude, I totally agree with you, it's kind of like comparing apples and appleseeds.
it would have been much better if we got to choose best episodes, not best shows. those are comparable at least
I can't make this decision. I love Buffy more, but I just can't bring myself to vote against Firefly.
How does one compare a 7 season show to a 1 season show?

You watch them both and then evaluate how they make you feel - seems simple enough to me. :)
I loved ST:NG but I have to vote for Doctor Who (still growing and changing, with a new episode coming up this weekend!).

On the other hand, between Buffy and Firefly I will always pick Firefly. Don't get me wrong, I love BtVS a lot, Joss got to do more things with that show than with any other. But basically the premise and the world were never something I internalized the way I did/do Firefly. Firefly represented (to me) Joss' most perfectly realized world with his most perfect cast. I still want to live in that world. So I have to vote for it.
Thank you embers, for saying exactly what I was thinking. As much as I loved Buffy, Firefly is *my* show.
I had to vote for Firefly, too. I love Buffy and have rewatched it several times (especially S4-7) since I got hooked on it several years ago, but Firefly was how I found Joss and so many of my friends, that it has a special place in my heart - and I could never vote against it. :)

I can't believe there are people in the comments saying they hated "Out of Gas" and "Objects in Space" - my two favourite episodes!
Can't stop the signal. Not even if you're a slayer.
Buffy is my girl, and she's losing to a Captain in Tightpants. Drat.
I vote for the Buffster. It was, and remains, one of the seminal works of art in my life.
Buffy rules. I can't even quantify all the joy and tears BtVS brought me throughout the years. My love for the Scoobies, and the Buffy-verse, is profound and deep. Firefly is great. But Buffy kinda changed my life. True fax.
Aw my poor Buffster.

Knew Firefly would win as it is way more of a geek sort of show and fits io9's community more.

eta: not geeky in a bad way, but that it's space opera and future talk are way geeky and Buffy had more of the teen soap stuff going along with its genre stuff

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Poll closed already?! How long did that last, one day? Less than that?

Not that it matters, since my vote wouldn't have changed anything. Buffy is better than Firefly, but I realized that Firefly would win on that website.

I'm glad that Doctor Who beat Star Trek: TNG. TNG is a really overrated show. Deep Space Nine was much better.

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I think these days TNG gets what amounts to a massively bum wrap. It may stem from the fact that generationally, the people who experienced TNG first didn't live in a time where you watched S1 in rapid succession. So they barely registered the early misfires and internalized the fun of later seasons as the characters got more depth and the plot became deeper. A lot of people going back remember trying to mainline S1 AND remember that it's not very serial which isn't a modern preference. So eventhough it's a product of its time, dabbles with serialization multiple times, contains some (but not all) complex characters, it doesn't sate a modern audience the way it's old version used to. And it's less camp than the original which removes some of the charm of not being modern. It was the best version of that style of show Star Trek ever did. There wasn't much sci fi programming going on before it at the time. After it, you have DS9/B5/Andromeda/Earth: Final Conflict, etc.

IMO, what sunk TNG in the nerdsphere is essentially just how horrible the TNG films were in comparison to TOS. At the time, even at fan conventions it was rare to find people who felt TOS as a show was better. DS9 was challenging and different. But TNG was the standard bearer. In 2013, we see what amounts to a lack of commitment on Paramount's part to committing to that film series with that cast. Picard as a character is almost unrecognizable from the series. The budgets aren't even close to what they gave Abrams nor did they really seek directorial talent for those films. And I do love Frakes, but he was cutting his teeth on them. So what we have left is a series that isn't as compatible with current television preferences which makes it outshone by DS9, BSG, B5, and Firefly. And we have a set of films that came after that subtracted from its legacy. Which is sad, because TNG was pulled from the air with its ratings going up. It was completely viable when that decision was made.

At the time it was profoundly influential. In the rearview, mostly what remains of it IS its influence and what else it got greenlit and a lot of writers coming out of it who got their first shots at serialization there. Moore was all over the Klingon stories.

If I were to compare it to Dr. Who, it would be "what if they'd stopped making Dr. Who completely after its bad periods?" What most people ARE voting for in that poll are the Davies/Moffat years. It's why TNG doesn't stack up (or perhaps it does, people are just picking and choosing their Dr. Who.)

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Damn, I missed the poll. I would have voted for Buffy - far and away the TV show I was most passionate about.
@azzers- Thank you, for your assessment of TNG! I watch Who religiously, and yes, the TNG movies were rough, but it makes me sad to hear people speak ill of TNG. I think it is also a matter of age...I was ten when TNG started and it was my oxygen until the time it ended. Granted, I didn't sob uncontrollably after the final episode, the way I did with Buffy! Still, it remains one of my top evening-wind-down DVD choices.
What's that phrase? "Standing on the shoulders of giants". A lot of shows owe a huge debt to TNG.
Don't mess with the brown coats
Well, that was a quick poll, I guess.

[Sorry, redacted after overthinking this subject]...

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See, I maintain that most of what we saw of FIREFLY was exposition. This is a common trait when it comes to the first seasons of all Joss's shows. He eases into the larger storylines after spending the first season introducing us to the characters and the world they live in. So, in that sense, we never really even saw past the exposition of FIREFLY (again, for the sake of this poll, SERENITY doesn't count). That's why it makes no sense to compare it to BUFFY. BUFFY was essentially a fully developed novel while FIREFLY was more like the first chapter of a novel. How does one compare an entire book to a single chapter of another book (an unfinished one at that)? I do understand that plenty of people probably liked the world and characters of FIREFLY more than BUFFY, but it's still a stretch to try to compare the two in my mind. What you're left with is a comparison of substance vs POTENTIAL substance.

I don't think you should look at it in terms of quality. Both shows were great, but vastly different. I think the poll was more about which show is more popular than the other. I blame io9 for the confusion.

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