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March 28 2013

Much Ado About Nothing DVD/Blu-ray gets UK release date. According to, the movie will be available to buy on October 7th. The movie will be out in UK cinemas on June 14th.

Why is this taking so long?? I have an empty space that needs to be occupied :D
1) Invent Dollhouse.
2) Sign up for contract until June 14th (then a break to see the film), then back in until October 7th.
Ok, preordered!
Now I'll just have to wait for a possible release of the movie in the theaters here in Italy. Chances: very low. We didn't even get Dredd last year.
I hope it will come with Dutch subtitles. I want to show this to as many friends as possible, but many will not be able to follow Shakespearian dialogue.
Can't pre-order in the US. Somehow it would seem like less of a wait if I could just pre-order! Oh well, I've got tickets for the Wisconsin Film Festival, of course I hope it see it in June, and of course I will get it on DVD... sooner or later!
Nice. I hope this means good things for possible releases across Europe. But in any case, I'll get to see it this year. Thank god for UK bluray releases.
Thank you for the heads-up, Simon.
Website review on the cover. I thought that happened to films that were slated by the real critics. Bit disappointing.
embers Lucky you! They're sold out now.

I can't go, anyway - the friend we were going to be staying w/in Madison that weekend for Midwest has to spend the week in Ann Arbor at a headache clinic.

I'll just have to wait a few months and hope it gets a wide enough theatrical release that I can see it before it comes out on DVD.
I doubt that's the final cover, ZodKneelsFirst, it lists Fran twice. I know he's good, but hopefully someone will sort it out before they print that thing.
Ha. That poster wasn't there this morning. I'm guessing placeholder.
Isn't that the real poster for the actual film?

Never mind. this is the poster. It has the review quotes but doesn't list Fran twice.

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