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March 28 2013

Pics of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One" box set. The much delayed box set is finally shipping and one Hong Kong fan has taken a lot of photos of the briefcase box set and the goodies contained inside.

Wow! I wouldn't want to try to take that through airport security...
Woah, that's awesome.
I NEED to buy this on Tuesday.
Is this only for Blu-Ray?
Ahhhhh I can't wait to get this on Tuesday!!! :D
*gulp* my geek glaze is showing...


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Somewhere in the Pacific, at Marvel's super-
secret HQ - a place sequestered, we imagine,
beneath a volcanic island - the plan was
hatched: The studio would produce a series of six
films that all take place in the same universe,
starting with 2008's Iron Man and culminating with 2012's all-star The Avengers....With the release of that gargantuan
collection, you can almost hear a Nehru-jacketed
Marvel henchman announcing, ''Phase One is
now complete. Initiating Phase Two."

if they only knew how close they are! (the operation is running shy of a henchman, though. and there really was no volcano...) I just lost my DVD of The Avengers, guess I'll have to scrape together the cash for this beast.,,20685882,00&revUrl=,,20685882,00.html

I look really good in a Nehru Jacket!

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The Phil intros on the Bonus Disc are really cute. That's as far as I have gotten so far as the box just arrived.
Anyone know if it's region free yet?

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