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March 28 2013

(SPOILER) Christos Gage's Slayalive Q/A for Angel & Faith #20. The issue came out this week.

I liked reading this. For all the criticism directed at the issue, it's nice to think that from Gage the story of this verse has enough realism (despite it containing fantasy and scifi elements) that its characters aren't on a perfectly constructed trajectory and can have revolving and somewhat fickle personalities. that's just life.
I also really enjoyed reading his answers. He is so thoughtful and seems to care about the characters. I'd like to see him write Buffy's character.
All I can say to Gage for this Q&A is thank you. And I really enjoyed this line:

Angel gave Spike Harmony’s number, not the cheat code to her pants.

In all, I think Gage understands the characters and what he's trying to do with them. Not everyone is going to like this storyline, but I think he's thought it out as evidenced by a lot of this Q&A. In fact, just by the detail he's giving when he was answering, I think he was ready for this.

This won't probably make people happy who are unhappy, but it might at least explain why the writing is the way it is.
Fantastic interview.
These were good thoughtful answers. I feel better about the comics. And I really appreciate that he didn't get defensive, or answer them in a pissy or insulting way.
fingers crossed for an announcement that season ten sees gage writing all the books!!!
Very thoughtful, insightful responses. I'm glad to have read them. It is almost like having a commentary track to an episode. FANTASY: Wouldn't it be amazing to have such a discussion for every single comic!? Sigh...
This dude is a great writer, pure and simple and he LOVES these characters. We're lucky to have him because he's in demand at Marvel, too. And he will be increasingly. He's just GOOD. Amongst me and my friends, everyone just cracked up laughing and we were all totally delighted by this issue (and the entire run). I agree, the more writing Gage does for the Buffyverse the better for the Buffyverse.
I may not still agree with his story choices here, but I admire the way that Christos answered these questions with grace and patience.Thanks, Christos.
He answered the questions very well. I just think it's a pity that a lot of what he thinks was so unclear in the text.

And I'm very glad that he confirmed he doesn't in fact think Angel and Angelus are completely separate entities.
I think Gage really put in the time with these questions which is great. I don't like that they pulled down Spike so much into this laddish, posturing etc, they over did it imo. and I have other issues still with their choices/depictions so I don't particularly like it still, but Gage saying that Spike's situation effectively makes the contradictory/significant things he was saying a rant/vent and meaningless in any serious/real sense and his behaviour is attributable to his environment (as Spike wouldn't behave like this in any other title) at least makes me feel that we won't see any of this heading forward. As has been said elsewhere, he does seem to have a good take on the characters it's a shame it doesn't come across as clearly on the page.

I was really impressed by how thoughtful all his responses were though, I'm sure he planned for a bit of fall out from this one.
Very classy Christos. The fact that he can handle the rage from the fans is very impressive.

Gage for Season 10!!!
Well, he has had to deal with Marvel fans before, so I don't think fan outrage is new to him. But he did handle himself very well. :)
Only read a bit of it but I agree with his take on a vampire's persona. the demon is basically a supernautral germ which takes up various existing traits and complexes (if I can be Jungian here) in the person's mind/brain and builds an apprroriate public face. Explains why Harmony (or for that matter the Gortches) not changing much - they already had the right personalities.

Harmony having a succession of fmaous guys. Seems plausible. I wonder, is a vampire room-temeprature all through, or are they alive-in-reverse, and colder on the inside? Whichever it is (and I don't even want to think about Buffy's involvements with Angel or Spike) "doing Harmony" (or Dru, or Sheila) would be an extremely Freudian experience, methinks.
He didn't rule out the possibility of Angel being Angelus...
Fantastic Q & A. I honestly think Christos Gage is the best modern comic book writer at the big companies these days. And I've been a great fan of his work ever since he wrote the only Captain America/Iron Man interaction in Civil War that actually respected the history of their relationship. So I know he takes previous stories into consideration, and think he's done a great job of capturing the voices of the characters in Angel and Faith.

I mean God help us if Bendis or Mark Millar ever get their hands on any Buffy or Angel characters!
DaddyCatALSO: "Harmony having a succession of fmaous guys. Seems plausible. I wonder, is a vampire room-temeprature all through, or are they alive-in-reverse, and colder on the inside? Whichever it is (and I don't even want to think about Buffy's involvements with Angel or Spike) "doing Harmony" (or Dru, or Sheila) would be an extremely Freudian experience, methinks."

In other vampire fiction, vampires are "cold" unless they've recently fed, in which case they're warm from the living blood they've ingested. Wouldn't surprise me if the Slayerverse vampires work in the same way.
At the moment, I'd say him and Scott Snyder are my favorite comic book writers
FINALLY read this issue. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm still on the fence about the ending but I do think people overreacted. Christos was and remains my favorite comic book writer. Can't wait to meet him again tomorrow :)
I like how he describes what a vampire is. It makes a lot of sense

He's a very smart guy, and I didn't find myself disagreeing with any of his points
Interesting. He wrote issue 20 before Gishler wrote no 5 of Spike. I suppose it's true also for A&F 19 vs Spike 4. So my guess is the editorial team switched Morgan with Harmony.

I still think they should stayed with Joss' original plot, Spike in Buffy's book

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I'm drawing a blank. Who's Sheila?
cderochefort: she was turned by Drusilla in "School Hard."

pacer: Interesting, and given that Dr. Joss And His "Bunche" have never said anything about it, it's plausible.(although I assumed differently when I ficced a Xander-Harmony hetslash scene in "Never Bet the Devil Someone Else's Head." *grin)

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