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March 29 2013

That Angel reference in A+X #6. Peter David wrote a scene where Wolverine and Captain Marvel discuss Angel's Cavemen vs Astronauts argument.

Fun, considering that he was allowed to use Illyria in his Fallen Angel project a few years ago, it kinda fit.
That's so awesome!! I have a tee shirt I made ages ago that poses the question.
Do the X-Men have weapons? Does Wolverine count as a weapon all by himself?
see whedon catchphrases and lines are catching on.
I don't know whether it was a deliberate Whedon reference, but in this weeks Fantastic Four by Matt Fraction there was a very familiar line too. Paraphrasing from memory, Reed Richards writes to his children: 'There is no hell= Nothing we do matters= What we do is the only thing that matters.' Deliberate or not I thought it was neat.
That debate predates Angel, and was included in the episode because people in the office were debating it. Do the characters specifically reference seeing it in Angel?

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Yes they do.
Awesome, thanks :)

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