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March 30 2013

(SPOILER) Much Ado review from the Shakespeare Association of America conference. The movie was screened at the conference in Toronto last night and Joss recorded a special introduction for it.

It really does have spoilers, doesn't it? Readers be warned! An interesting take on it though. And a keen eye for some of the more interesting features of the film.
My sister and I will be live tweeting the Much Ado About Nothing panel (if the reception in there isn't TERRIBLE) tomorrow morning.

Follow us at @lisatwingomez and @ChosenPodcast

(Also attempting to live tweet the Buffy comics panel
In a few hours)
Plot spoilers are to be expected in most reviews since the source material is 400+ years old. Of course there are other types of spoilers too regarding his film-making process though of course.
libradude Just because "the source material is 400+ years old" doesn't mean everyone's read it. Shakespeare was never required reading in my school, and it's never been something I sought out for my own reading pleasure.

Although I do wonder if The Wit of Will at the Bristol Renaissance Fair will feature "Much Ado" this season...
And the spoilers on how Joss approached it.
I think this review was intended for Shakespeare scholars, and I doubt they worry about spoilers. They want to know how Joss handles the text.
Normally I'm death on spoilers because I don't want the story told before I see it, but here I know the story and I actually enjoy the insights into Joss' interpretation. This is a wonderful review and I'm even more excited to see it than I was before (I hope the Wisconsin Film Festival comes soon!).
@ShadowQuest True, not everyone has read it. Just pointing out that many reviewers will assume most have, so people should be wary of reading reviews prior to the film. And as reedem said, this article was especially intended for Shakespeare scholars/enthusiasts.
What a great (though very spoiler-y and detailed) review of the film. He seemed very pleased with this version.

He did get a detail wrong though that affects how one of the characters is portrayed. SPOILERS if you don't want to know details of this version. He wrote "Don Pedro repeatedly running his fingers along Beatrice’s back and failing to take a hint". Don Pedro wasn't the one doing that. It was a random party goer. Don Pedro was busy wooing Hero for Claudio. Don Pedro's feelings for Beatrice is something I was very curious about how Joss would go about it. There is a moment in the play that he asks Beatrice if she would 'have him', and she refuses. Some versions play this as a joke, while others make it a more serious offer. The reviewer's statement made it sound as though Don John had feelings for Beatrice, and that is not something Joss put in his version.

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