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March 31 2013

Recap of the Much Ado About Nothing panel at today's WonderCon. There's also highlights from the panel at ComingSoon.

I went! It was great. They showed two clips from the movie. Everyone was hilarious and sweet and it was just wonderful.
I want Joss to do Hamlet!
So Alexis is the Shakespeare guru on set then?
There's something about Amy and Alexis. Those two just steal the air from the room.
Joss and the cast have been tweeting most of the day, so I'm glad someone posted such a good recap of the Q&A. Thanks Simon!
Love this Q&A:
11:36: Fan Q&A time! Are there similarities between the words of Shakespeare and the words of Whedon? Whedon says neither make sense and you have to look a lot of stuff up, so they are just like Shakespeare.

I couldn't keep up with the tweets at all so I too appreciate the recap link.
Loved the panel at WonderCon! From the clips shown I can tell that Much Ado About Nothing will be hilarious!

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