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April 01 2013

Script review for SMG's The Crazy Ones. "Imagine if Mad Men's Don Draper existed in the present day. He's still an advertising genius, using profound presentations to make last-minutes campaign saves, but now he's maybe a little crazy."

I'm still interested, sounds good.

I kind of want to see Buffy meet Mork.
Hmm... Don Draper's always an odd character in that some people still don't realize he's supposed to be a bit of a tragic figure and that he's glamorizing something he's really not. I think of a flawed Don Draper and think... wait... MORE flawed?

Also, really not enthused about a title that stigmatizes mental disorder further IN the title. I do sometimes wonder when the other shoe will drop with that demographic (roughly 10% of the population REPORTS it). With this centuries focus on cutting out derogatory language from women, to GLBT, to physical handicap, I find something unbelievably anachronistic about the continued free and easy use of words like "crazy."
I'd watch SMG sell fruit and veggies is she were so inclined, so I am in for this.

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